1. Introduction

    There were many reports and complaints of strange persons and creatures prowling about the borders of the Shire, or over them: the first sign that all was not quite as it should be, and always as had been except in tales and legends of long ago. Few heeded the signs, those that did kept it very much to themselves...

  2. Introduction

    However in a quiet corner of the Shire one such group had taken notice, and they called themselves the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom. They were watchful and very resourceful but few knew their real business and fewer still dared speak about it... About us »

  3. Fifth Anniversary

    With their Fifth Anniversary now firmly behind them the hobbits of the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom are looking forward to another successful and fruitful year in the very best of company. If you have a love of old stories, curious tales from beyond the Bounds or are quick witted and knowledgeable now is the time to join us. Join Us »

Grand Order of the Lost Mathom

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Joy of joys, the summer is here! And summer means time for food and drink!
Well, so does the rest of the year too, but there’s one thing summer surely brings.
Picnics! Get ready for this year’s Grand Summer Picnic!
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Miss Tholpa recently moved into a new burrow!
The burrow needs to be properly warmed!
We'll do so Sunday July 8th!
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A day to remember the bards of old and the music they inspired.
Not least that grand feller Ronald Dwale.
Welcome to the annual Bards Day celebration in the Ivy Bush Inn!
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"An elf walked into a bar. The dwarf laughed and walked under it!"
It’s time for a comedy night at the Green Dragon!
Just don’t laugh at live dragons, and you’ll be fine!
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Lotho Sackville-Baggins is buying up land and properties all over the Shire. We can't let that happen! Imagine a Sackville-Baggins owning half the Shire? No telling what kind of ruffians he'd invite to these lands. So the Brandy Badgers have decided to act! By playing music! Repeat after us: "Say no to Lotho!"