Four Farthing Concerts

Series I

Four Farthing Concerts

An ambitious undertaking even for the more daring among the Songburrow Strollers, the Four Farthings series of concerts marked a tuning point in the history of the band.

Previously well known for a number of performances at various burrow warmings, parties and weddings, the Strollers took their music to a number of notable locations culminating in an especially grand 3rd anniversary party and concert at Songburrow Hall in the Southfarthing.

Farms of the Shire Concerts

Series III

Farms of the Shire Concerts

Following on from a very successful tour of Breeland the Songburrow Strollers thought it right and proper to return to more familiar surroundings in a series of concerts set in and around the hard-working farms of the Shire.

From the muddy fields of Budgeford to the distant and wilder parts of the Marish the Strollers proved they had lost none of the magic that makes them among the best loved musicians in the Shire.

Breeland Concerts

Series II

Breeland Concerts

Scarcely had the Strollers put down their instruments and restrung their lutes before they launched into another series of concerts. This time their destination was Bree-land, much to the joy of the hobbits that dwell there.

Starting just outside the Bounds of the Shire in Buckland the Strollers made their way through the countryside before arriving in Bree. The concerts were arranged around a number of prominent locations in support of local villagers and townsfolk.



Weatherstock Concerts

With the memory of the previous Weatherstock still very much in their minds the Strollers were delighted to be able to attend for the second year in succession.

The band would face their sternest test yet among some of the best musicians to be found in Middle Earth. Would they be able to carry away another prize? Only time would tell.

Dec 22, 2012
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