Field Trips


Field Trip I


For their first field trip the Historical Society took to the Greenfields, a rolling plain of lush grass in the Northfarthing - the site of the only battle to be fought within the Bounds of the Shire.

Lectures explored the geography of the area, the early settlements and the battle itself. Of course no mention of the battle would be complete without a study of Bandobras Took, otherwise known as the 'Bullroarer'.

Three Farthing Stone

Field Trip II

Three Farthing Stone

The significance of the Three Farthing Stone is often overlooked marking as it does the meeting point of three regions of the Shire: the Westfarthing, the Eastfarthing, and the Southfarthing as well being a point near the very centre of the Shire.

For this trip the Society presented a number of short historical lectures and a sad yet uplifting poem by the master himself, Simbo Rumblebelly. The Songburrow Strollers made a surprise appearance just as the sun began to set over the Three Farthing Stone.

Brandywine River

Field Trip III

Brandywine River (Girdley Island)

The most ambitious of the Society's field trips to date this was to be an adventure in its own right. From the Golden Perch at Stock along the banks of the wide Brandywine (Baraduin) that separates the Shire from Bree-land the trip would take them by boat to Girdley Island and a camp among the tall pines and beeches of this ancient woodland where a hearty lunch awaited them.

There followed a most entertaining night, with some curious and adventurous tales, an epic poem and a concise history of the Island and the surrounding region. As the night lengthened more wood was gathered and everyone enjoyed plenty of roast sausages and mulled brandy wine.

Gather 'round and hear me tale, of dangers in a northern dale. The news may turn yer cold and pale, the goblins are encroaching. Theft and plunder far and wide, packs of wolves run by their side. Now it's time ter turn the tide, the goblins are approaching.

Gather 'round and hear me tale, of dangers in a northern dale. The news may turn yer cold and pale, the goblins are encroaching. Yer will overcome yer fear, swing yer club and throw yer spear. Fight for all that yer hold dear, the goblins are approaching.

Curse and swear, go up there, chase them goblins from their lair. Put yer bags upon yer mare, find yer clubs and small shields. No time now ter sit and brood, danger comes both vile and crude. Bring yer weapons and yer food, follow me up to Greenfields

Follow me up the Greenfields
Lina Willowwood

Adso's Camp

Field Trip IV

Adso's Camp (Breeland)

Master Adso Haybanks had arranged a covered wagon from Buckland for the patrons making the journey to his camp off the Great East Road in Bree-land.

Among the passing merchants and weary travellers the Society members enjoyed an excursion to the nearby ruins and the eves of the Old Forest, being especially careful to avoid bears and other wild animals.

Informative historical lectures presented a concise history of hobbit migration lead by the Fallowhide brothers Marco and Blanco. In the evening the emphasis was on stories and tales from the region not to mention a substantial supper around the campfire.


Field Trip V


Often thought of as part of the Shire but officially lying outside its bounds, Buckland is bordered on one side by the great River Brandywine and the Old Forest on the other. Its inhabitants are no strangers to odd goings on, outlandish stories and tall tales.

The Society's historians explore the sometimes peculiar customs of the Bucklander's and delve deep into history of the Brandybuck family and the dark ancient mysteries of the Old Forest.

Return to the Greenfields

Field Trip VI


Following the local 'Bullroarer Took' celebrations the Historical Society returned to the Greenfields, the site of their first field trip two and a half years ago.

Setting off from the comfort of the Plough and Stars in Brockenborings participants enjoyed an overview of the surrounding villages before being guided to the statue of the Bullroarer himself where they were able to pay their own personal tribute.

The Society had gone to great lengths to present a collection of tales and stories from the now famous Battle of the Greenfields, brought to life with accompanying music.

In honour of the occasion a special poem had been commissioned entitled simply the Bullroarer Trilogy.


Field Trip VII


On the very borders of the Shire, Needlehole has long been a gateway to Ered Luin (Blue Mountains) - an important trade route of the dwarves. Merchants and travellers still pass this way with outlandish tales from beyond the Bounds.

For this field trip the Society gave a series of short and informative lectures by two of their most well respected historians - Miss Rowana Fairborn and Miss Lina Willowwood. The subject matter was wide from the long forgotten King of Arnor to the customs of the Dwarves and the intricacies of pipeweed smoking.

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