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The Historical Society

The Historical Society is an informal group of hobbits sharing the same goal - a deep love of history and the stories of old. Renown for their colourful and theatrical presentations and often incorporating fragments of poems and songs into their lectures the Society prides itself on its wide ranging appeal whilst maintaining a depth of scholarly research seldom found elsewhere.

It is no coincidence that its members are also part of the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom, an association that is dedicated to maintaing the valuable history of the Shire through its unrivalled collection of mathoms and extensive library.

Field trip to Needlehole

Through the woodland, through the valley, comes a hobbit wild and free. Smiling at the lasses giggling, who can the brave young hobbit be. He is strong and he is sturdy, leaping over stone and brook. He is tall and he is handsome, he is named Bullroarer Took.

Bullroarer Took Song - Lina Willowwood

The Lectures

The lectures themselves take place in the field and are as varied in subject matter and tone as the places they visit. Presentations on history and lore are made by members of the Society often with the help of talented storytellers and performers.

Depending on the season lunch or supper is usually provided and provision is made for a suitable break for socialising or questions.


Full membership of the Society is open only to active members of the Grand Order, who enjoy access to the extensive libraries of Songburrow Hall as well as those of the Great Smials in Tuckborough.

However guests, friends and acquaintances are all actively encouraged to attend the lectures and there is no further requirement to join other than an interest in history and the enjoyment of being in the great outdoors with likeminded company.


Normally the field trips last between one and two hours sometimes with an optional visit to a nearby hostelry at the end of the trip.

Details are always published before hand so check the Society notice board regularly for the latest news.

What to bring

Participants are advised to dress according to the weather conditions and the terrain. We recommend you bring a suitable pack, refreshments, stout walking stick and a sun hat during the warmer summer months.

Jan 4, 2013
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