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The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom are an established and active hobbit role-playing (RP) kinship based on the Laurelin (EU) server of The Lord of the Rings Online. We aim to combine role-play with a variety of events, story lines and activities whilst maintaining our commitment to exploring and questing both as a group and individually.


Friendly & Approachable

We are an established small to middle sized kinship whose emphasis is on friendship, community and camaraderie. We deliberately keep our numbers manageable to ensure that we get to know everyone properly and this has numerous advantages in helping us build exceptional levels of loyalty and commitment.

As such we place great importance on the quality of our members to ensure we maintain a mature and friendly attitude at all times.


Actively role-playing

We are very active in promoting role-playing among our members and in the numerous events that we organise and contribute to. This is an important part of being in our kinship and helps us create additional depth and believability for our characters. Our flexible approach ensures that we can accommodate and support beginners as well as more experienced role-players.


English Language

Our core player base has traditionally been from the United Kingdom and Northern Europe, though we have players in the USA and elsewhere. English remains our common language for all forms of communication.


Casual Questing & Raiding

We enjoy a great variety of questing as well as both group and solo adventuring, often championing all hobbit groups in many instances. Our members also organise and lead RP adventures.

We engage in larger scale raiding from time to time, but it is important to stress that we are not a hardcore raiding kinship. Advancement is very much at your own place and learning as you go.


Regular Events & Activities

We promote and actively encourage many unique initiatives, such as the very popular Green Dragon Friday, held every week in Bywater. For those that enjoy a more active role we have a number of dedicated and resourceful kinship groups including an official band (The Songburrow Strollers), a musical collective, historical society and acting troupe.


Regular Kinship Meetings

Meetings take place every three weeks on Sunday evenings, in which we catch up on news and gossip as well as hear tales and stories and welcome new members. Discussions and plans are made on our own forum and website as well as in game using our kinship chat channel. All events are carried out in-character (IC).

What we expect

Active Players

We expect all of our players to remain active during kinship events both social (concerts, inn nights, markets etc) and adventures (quests, skirmishes, raids).

We do understand the importance of family life and busy schedules so we ask that you let us know in advance if you plan to be away for an extended period of time. Inactive players will be removed from the kinship after 120 days.

Main Characters

It is unlikely that you will be accepted into the Grand Order if your character is not considered a main, or only turns up irregularly or just for pre-planned events. We also limit the number of alts in the kinship to ensure that the activity level remains as high as possible.


It is important that you have a desire to get involved with role-playing even at a basic level. Previous experience is useful, but should you be a little hesitant then we have a number of very experienced role-players and Tolkien enthusiasts that are willing to offer you advice or assistance.

As a minimum we expect our members to follow LOTRO's policies and codes of conduct, especially the Official Role-playing Rules at all times.

Mature & Helpful Attitude

We maintain a mature and friendly attitude at all times. You will find our members helpful and easy-going.


We expect our members to take an active part in the kinship chat channel. Be courteous to others, say hello when logging on and goodbye when leaving.

You will find our kinship chat is a lively and enjoyable mix of mostly IC banter and some OOC game discussions.

We also use a server wide channel for hobbits (RP only).We avoid using leet speek, internet slang or emoticons in our kinship and public chat channels.


We encourage our members to help each other. Join others on quests and adventures, help them plan and arrange events, contribute with ideas for new events or activities, offer trade goods or services etc.

We provide a dedicated website and forum for exclusive use of our members (access is granted after you have joined the kinship), so make good use of it! These are all things that will get you far in the Grand Order.

How to join

By now you should already be interested enough to find out more about us and what we do.

Finding out more

We always meet potential members in game, and you can often find us at various events, Green Dragon Friday and the biweekly markets that we organise, so don't be afraid to say hello and introduce yourself. This can also be a great way to get to know us before hand.

Apply now

If you are seriously thinking of joining us simply download our application form and email it to us at:

Jan 8, 2013
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