A Grand And Lazy Summer To Everyone!

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    Here is this year's summer letter from the Grand Order hobbits to all our friends. May yer summer days be filled with a suitable amount of relaxing laziness, as well as picnics, lots of food and much merriment! And although the early chuck catches the morning worm, is is something to be said fer sleeping in too!


    To all our grand friends

    The warm summer days have been with us for a while, and the Shire is a bit more relaxed than usual. Not that yer would know it given the amount of events and parties happening. Still, it is good ter have some time off. So, take long naps in the shade, enjoy picnics, eat wild strawberries and do all them things that help yer gather yer energies now that the weather is warm.

    Us Grand Order hobbits will also spend some time lazying about in the fine summer weather. Rest assured, though, we will keep up our regular activities over the summer. Green Dragon Friday should be on every Friday, the markets are in Michel Delving Monday and Tuesday every two weeks, and unless there are other plans, we usually go on adventure to look for mathoms every Saturday evening. We will see if other event ideas pop up too, so keep visiting our notice board.

    In the meantime, here are some memories from what has happened so far this year.

    Grand Order summer video 2014

    As them lovely summer moods set in, here are a few things yer could ponder on.

    Join our hobbit adventures

    The Grand Order usually goes on adventures to look for mathoms Saturday nights. These are typically adventures by and for hobbits, where we help each other solve hard tasks, or just stay together and have fun on adventure. Instances, skirmishes, general quest solving ... it is all grand!

    The adventures are often more about having fun together than mastering the hardest raids and instances, so we often have high-levels joining on adventures with lower-levels. The stories and us spending time together are what counts. These adventures are also open for our good friends outside of the Order! Just let one of them chiefs know, and them will give yer more details about how ter join in.

    Join the Grand Order

    We are always looking for grand, new hobbits to join our ranks. We aren't the fastest recruiters, and we rarely ask hobbits directly if they would join us. Which means that if yer have an interest in the Order and what we do, don't hesitate to make the first contact yerself. Just take a look at our recruitment page and have a chat with one of our chiefs.

    What kind of things do we look for in hobbits who would like to join us, yer might ask?
    • A wide variety of interests, like roleplaying, adventures, music, social events, crafting etc.
    • Main characters, not just rarely played alts or someone who only shows up for pre-planned events.
    • Play time in the EU evenings (our peak time is traditionally between 6:30-11PM UK time)
    • An interest in doing things together with others.
    • An interest in hobbit lore and hobbity ways.
    • The ability to relax and have fun along with others
    Does this sound like yer and yer interests? We'd love to hear from yer! Just grab hold of one of the chiefs (Tibba, Nimelia, Lina, Simbo, Sevelda, Jiro and Rowana) and let them know!

    Happy summer everyone!

    Finally, we would like to wish all friends of the Grand Order a grand and lovely summer! May them days be sunny and warm (but not too hot), and may yer meals be plentiful!

    The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
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