A Magical Night, Sunday 26 February

Discussion in 'Public Events' started by Lina, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Lina Chief

    Autolinking Problem
  2. Sevelda Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Re: [EVENT] A magical night

    Oh my, a lass with a sweet voice and golden hair?

  3. Jiro Master of the Forge

    Re: [EVENT] A magical night

    Does this mean I'll be getting a hug? That would be magical.
  4. Lina Chief

    Re: [EVENT] A magical night

    Yer wish!

    PS more clues now...
  5. Lina Chief

    Re: [EVENT] A magical night

    More clues too? There seems to be a new one every day now!
  6. Lina Chief

    Re: [EVENT] A magical night

    's getting near the uncovering of the mysteries. And them clues keep coming!
  7. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    It would seem a passing farmer heard something very odd the other night coming from the seldom visited barley fields near Songburrow... very curious indeed!
  8. Sevelda Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Well, it is Songburrow Hall! I bet it was them Strollers having a secret rehearsal or something.
  9. Lina Chief

    *marvels at the first post of the thread* Ooh, mysterious!
  10. Sevelda Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Oh my! That is really neat!
  11. Lully Member

    Oooooh! Wonderful!

    *is now far too excited to think of anything else*
  12. Dittany Guest

    I sure do wonder.. *ponders*
  13. Lina Chief

    More information in the first post now! Hooray!
  14. Lina Chief

    There is now a map showing the location in the first post!
  15. Lina Chief

    Tonight then! I hope that badger band is ready!
  16. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    I've got my eye on the concert notes and I plan to be early... yes that could be a first!
  17. Lina Chief


    Every spring, the locals search for the singing badgers in the Shire woods. Last night, a group of hobbits swore they saw them badgers in the woods near Tuckborough! I am sure it is all nonsense, but here is a song about it anyway. And a few drawings of badgers!

    The song is best sung to the tune of "Song for a Winter’s Night", by Gordon Lightfoot. Drawings below the song lyrics!

    Badgers in the Wood

    The night is silent as I walk beneath the trees
    No sound of life around me
    The moon above brings a soothing evening breeze
    A gentle light falls upon me

    I find a glade where I can rest
    A place I sense is good
    I think of days long gone when we came to the Shire
    There were badgers in the wood

    The moon is rising and the shadows softly move
    The hour is near upon me
    I fear that once again the stories are disproved
    The mysteries elude me

    I wait for hours all through the night
    I long for warmth and food
    But there is no-one here and once again I sigh
    There’s no badgers in the wood

    I am about to leave when something makes me turn
    Just as the night is ending
    A distant sound makes my eagerness return
    The sound of voices humming

    Beneath the trees small creatures move
    I offer them my food
    The song grows stronger and I cannot help but smile
    As I see legends come alive
    The singing badgers in the wood


    Miss Rowana has quite a few badger drawings, already added to the first post of this thread.

    Master Givur has many drawings too, over at his place!

    And I have a few drawings of me own over at me burrow

    Thank yer all who came, it was grand to see so many of yer there!
  18. Lina Chief

  19. Lully Member

    Luvs that article by Peppy in the Gazette; reading it just now brought some of the magick back of that wonderful evening.


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