A Muddy Field In Tuckborough

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    On the evening of Sunday 21 October there was a great commotion in the fields surrounding Master Longo Burrow's homestead in Tuckborough. All week farmhands had been tending the pipeweed in readiness for harvest and now the crop promised to be one of the best on record. As if this wasn't celebration enough in these parts Master Burrow's had asked the Songburrow Strollers to play a special concert by way of thanks. Never daunted by such a challenge the Strollers duly accepted and it was to be an eventful night.


    The muddy fields and dimly lit farm buildings soon came alive as hobbits gathered from all around, bringing with them lanterns and good cheer. Soon many had assembled and it fell upon some of the early arrivals to entertain the crowd. Introductions were made and new friends and relatives reacquainted. Hot food and beverages were passed around and some even had the chance to sample some of the local pipeweed from the previous season.

    Just as the crowd became anxious that the Strollers would not appear from behind one of the apple trees bordering the farm came four figures in green - the Songburrow Strollers had arrived! Hopping over the fence without so much as a pause they gave their introductions and soon began the first song of the night - the appropriately named 'Stroller's Waltz'.

    Soon the damp weather and the mud were forgotten and the Strollers launched into a lively mixture of songs, many reworked especially for the occasion. Of particular note and marking the mid-point of the concert was the fast paced 'Root Beer Rag'. Miss Sevelda had herself contributed much to the arrangement of this song and her attention to detail and sheer pace of delivery had the crowd eager for more.

    All those present whether passing dwarves, big-folk or the numerous locals and inhabitants of the surrounding villages danced with total abandon. Even those boot wearing folk soon saw the wisdom of kicking them off and splashing about in the mud to the lively sounds of the 'Woodpecker Reel'.

    As the night wore on fireworks were brought forth and the Strollers had yet one more surprise - Miss Akelay would be joining them for the final encore. Wearing the green cloth robes of the Strollers and wearing her own straw hat she really looked and sounded the part. The all familiar 'Bywater Bouncing' song took on a life of its own and had everyone hopping merrily around the fields, so much so that more than one hobbit was temporarily lost in the tall stalks of pipeweed before he or she had come to their senses and rejoined the crowd. Even the grumblings of the local farmhand couldn't dissuade everyone from enjoying themselves to the fullest and soon fireworks were lighting up the early morning sky and as the sun rose the Songburrow Strollers concluded what had been an unusual and remarkable evening.

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    Hooray fer pictures! And thank yer all who came!
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    That was again a grand concert. Hooray for the Stroooooollers!

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