A Picnic On The Banks Of The Brandywine

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    Just before the sun rose, a merry group of hobbits met on the small hill north of Stock, overlooking the Brandywine Bridge. Greeting the lovely sunny day with music, fireworks and cheering, the annual summer picnic was soon underway!

    After the welcome and some history about the origins of the Brandywine bridge, hampers full of pies, biscuits, ales and wines were brought out. The hobbits enjoyed a hearty meal and basked in the sun, overlooking the travellers on the road below.

    Slippery riverbanks

    Soon after, music instruments were brought out, and an afternoon of songs, dancing and poetry ensued. At this time, the hobbits must have had quite enough of the strong drink, because a few managed to slip on the steep hillside and fall into the river below.

    Swift rescue operations brought them back on dry land. They looked no worse for wear afterwards, but were sad to deny the rumour that the Brandywine was indeed made of brandy, nor ale. A few campfires made the wet hobbits dry up nicely, and the final songs had everyone dancing around merrily again.

    Flashy fireworks

    As the sun set, more fireworks were brought out, and a massive display lit up the night sky. Surely the fizzers could be seen from miles away! Some even wondered if them Bucklanders would start blowing in their horn ter warn of impending danger, but no such sound was heard. Them fireworks were way too loud anyway.

    Afterwards, the hobbits waved their farewells and started on the road home. It was a long journey, but one which passed quickly with the jolly banter. Even a hobbit who was late for the picnic perked up considerably when she got the final mushroom pie, upon meeting the band of travellers on the road.

    A warm thank yer to all the hobbits who came to the event! Only one more year until the next Grand Summer Picnic!


    Yer can see me own pictures from the event in me album here!

    Sevelda has more pictures from the picnic on her burrow!
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    Thank you for the last pie! That was a treat! And actually quite an achievement, how did you manage to hide it from Simbo?
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    *looks right and left, and behind her too, before showing Akelay a deep secret pocket in her robe*
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