A Spot of Bother

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  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)


    Place: The Shire, Songburrow
    From: Reginald Hemsferth

    Neighbours bordering on the grounds of Songburrow Hall were surprised to notice something of a commotion yesterday evening. There was much waving of arms and several agitated hobbits could be seen on the lawn. Although voices were raised little could be discerned as to the exact cause of the troubles.

    Later Bounder Hemsferth was seen at the gate to Songburrow, a rare enough occurrence in itself. He was in the company of two hobbits from the Hall, but he would not elaborate as to his exact business or the nature of his visit.

    One local and well-respected farmer observed:
    I heard it was some young prankster, got in through an open pantry window and caused quite a stir when he was discovered. Made off with a good number of freshly baked honey cakes and left them scattered all over the path, if you can believe that.
  2. Lina Chief

    Goodness! And it wasn't even badgers doing it?

    But.. but... how about the biscuits? Are they safe?
  3. Lully Member

    What wasn't pilfered was eaten, by us's, Miss Lina, as you was away at the time.

    Oh! How unfortunate! *giggles*

    The Mathom cooks will have to get mixing 'nd baking to replenish the larder.

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