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  1. Lina Chief

    ((1 In-character Introduction))

    Dear Mathom Seekers,

    Some time ago I met Miss Nimelia, Miss Tibba and Miss Lina in Bramblebury. While we were talking we saw a strange young hobbit going in and out of burrows, obviously looking for something.... I was explained that strange things are going on and all help is welcome to find precious objects that this young hobbit may be looking for, find them before he (or anyone else) does...

    I would like to help in this cause and ask to may join your Kinship and do what I can to contribute...

    I am Anerra Happyheart you may have noticed me in the Green Dragon. I like music (proud stand-in member of Master Peppy his music group) and dance and oh I like Master Matzo very much.
    I have an open heart to peoples of other races, but...

    ...just that I have heard terrible stories about Dwarfs doing things I'd rather not mention... Miss Nimelia and Miss Tibba helped me very much to learn that many Dwarfs have kind hearts some of them. That was an important lesson for me.

    I like friendship and be together. I am cautious to Lads who rush into me and for example ask 'are you seeing someone?' (silly question in the Green Dragon, I see dozens of hobbits... does he need help because he is maybe blind ??).

    I am a pipeweed farmer and like to spend time on the field, just planting and harvesting and see what you find, and sometimes meet kind other farmers. I study woodwork too.

    ((2 RP Experience))

    I have these recurring dreams...

    One dream is that I am in a land called Vormis, and I am an Elf Lady in charge of a Kinship named 'Love' It is a beautifull world, where people respect each other, help each other, have very close contact, share a lot. It is a lovely world....
    There is a Monastry where all crafters come together to study craft, I see a beautifull Elf Lady called Malika dressed in beautifull blue clothing and she is the kindest person I ever met...
    Next I find myself inside the haunted ruins of an old city and see a beautifull Elf Lady called Minke dressed in black leather, she scares me at first, but she is kindhearted even if she won't admit it... she helps me get out of the nasty ruins...
    The dream has many more views but I won't bother you with more of them....
    The dream ends when the world Vormis is finally destroyed by the powers of greed and selfishness.
    I always wake up crying....

    Another dream is about a world called Azeroth. I dream I am a member of a dark faction and I have my own Kinship but no one is there... Then I change person and I am a member of a faction that worship Light and try to make contact to people in Kinships, but I fail... I feel very lonely... and wake up relieved...

    ((3 LOTRO Experience))

    I first came to Michel Delving I think 2 years ago...

    ((4 Character))

    One day I was doing a task which involved going into a goblin camp. Everything that can go wrong went wrong and I had to run for my life. All of a sudden there was Miss Elf and she took out the goblins that were threatening my life. I owe my life to her. After that I spent days and weeks with her in the wilderness, talking about very many things and I learned much hunter skills and some elf tricks from her.
    She introduced me to the Hobbits in Bywater and so I met Miss Tibba, Miss Nimelia, Master Peppy and Miss Yllisa and learned about the Green Dragon.

    I love Miss Elf very much and I spend much time with her, I hope you do not mind that.

    I asked Miss Elf for to join her Kinship, The New Forest. She did not refuse me but advised me I better be among Hobbits, and told me the Initiation is rather hard; Initiates walk through The Old Forest, unarmed and unarmoured, no running, no fighting... from Master Adso's Camp to Buckland.

    I did her initation, walked the Old Forest, I was glad to meet some Hobbits in there, it was scary but I was calm and determined to fullfill the task.

    I had to know that I -could- join her Kinship, that I am good for it, so that I have a choice.

    I made the choice and I would like to join your Kinship.

    Hope to hear from you,

    Anerra Happyheart
  2. Lina Chief

    A warm welcome ter the Grand Order, miss Anerra! Grand ter have yer with us!
  3. Akelay Member

    Yay for Anerra! *cheers*
  4. Lully Member

    Oh, look! Another new hobbit, How grand!

    Welcome miss Anerra! Have a biscuit... have several - just ask miss Lina fer some.
  5. Akelay Member

    Asking Miss Lina for biscuits might sound like a bad idea... *chuckles* ...but I have indeed witnessed her handing out biscuits to others, including myself.
  6. Jiro Master of the Forge

    Are you saying she hands out all the biscuits I give her as gifts? *sighs*
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  7. Lina Chief

    Here, have another biscuit miss Anerra! Them come by easily these days! *hands one over*
  8. Jiro Master of the Forge

    *frowns and gives Lina a sneaky hug*

    Lets see you give that away

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