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    1] An (in-character) Introduction

    "That ought to do it." Adrean said, stuffing a letter into his mailbox. The night was still young, and already he could hear the beckoning calls of his neighbors as they roasted a fine salted pork and told stories. It was Adrean's turn to brew some tea and bring a pot for stew and he wouldn't disappoint his friends or more importantly himself. Adrean was average height for a hobbit. Standing at 3'-9", with fine black and messed hair lopped on his head, he strode towards the gathering wearing his apron over a black wool shirt. The chill of winter was now beginning to cause the fine combed hairs on his large feet stand on their edge.

    "I'm comin' and WITH ingredients for my famous stew...spice soup!"

    There came howling and cheering when he settled down beside the group, the crackling of the fire making him feel all the more welcome. With the warmth of his friends and the flames, the hair on his toes settled and Adrean was content. He had brought all the ingredients:

    Five potatoes, three carrots, celery, one small zucchini, one cup of the odd but delicious vegetable corn, half a head of cabbage, a fifteen oz. container filled with tomatoes, his famous chicken soup base and dry parsley, crushed. Yes, it was perfect. As he prepared his pot, he ignored the story being told about the shrews in the hills and thought about the gathering at the Green Dragon earlier. Had it not been for his earlier tread through Michel Delving a few days back, he would not have been invited specifically to the gathering. All were welcome and it was every Friday. How did he not know about this? Or rather...would he have gone even had he without a proper welcoming?

    This was the kind of hobbit Adrean was. Outspoken, quick tempered, stubborn and dead silent at times. His sporadic nature allows for a pleasant sense of variety but has come with a few consequences due to his rather complex personality for a hobbit. Eager to learn anything and everything in an attempt to fit in somewhere, one can find Adrean welcoming for a hobbit in just about any situation. Among his many good qualities lie his best: his meals are quite delicious. Adrean claims that he can hear animals "speak" to him and that they wish to serve their purpose by being eaten. While it is a wild claim, one can't argue the fact:

    Where Adrean is, there is always a packed meal. When he arrived earlier, it was with more then a simple chicken pot pie. He had sausages, eggs, some puddings and a great variety of treats. As the party went forth, he was even lent a lute to strum a few tunes! Yule tunes... Adrean knew them not, but he knew his share of Waymeet tunes. And...


    Snapping out of his train of thought, Adrean chuckled nervously and looked to his fellows. "Hullo! Um...yes?"

    "What's taking you so long? You never take so long to start preparing. Perhaps you've something to share with us?" asked one of the elderly hobbits in the gathering.

    Adrean smiled and remembered what he wrote in that letter:

    Dear Miss Lina,

    I knew not your name until tonight when you played for us at the Green Dragon. It's something I ought to have known when we first met back in the market a few days prior! My apologies. Anyway, seeing as I enjoyed your company along with several others such as the lovely Tibba, I was interested in your club! Or whatever it is...well, point being is I felt quite lively amongst the lot of you! Only one other place makes me feel that way...home. So, i've decided to write you and send you a few of those honey-oat biscuits you like! I hope they are to your liking...and this way your ma' doesn't have to chase me away with a broom either!

    Now then, business. I want to join your company! As you know, I can cook, but there is more then that I can do! I clean, spin tales well enough, play the lute some (though not as wonderful as you) and was once even with the Bounders for a small time being! So, I hope you enjoy those biscuits and my company...even if it was very short lived. Mayhaps this can be more frequent a thing? I hope so.


    Adrean Rumblebelly

    The hobbits were becoming restless with Adrean's silence and would have began banging pots together had he not spoken a moment sooner.

    "Aye. I've a tale to tell you."

    [2] RP Experience

    I have been Role Playing for well over 15 years now. I started on AOL (America Online) on chat RP, moved on to some D&D and then moved onto MMORPGs. I have roleplayed on games such as: Star Wars Galaxies, Final Fantasy XI, World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Aion, Rift and a few others. As of recent, I entered into a competition for writing based on The Old Republic and won the in the novel category.

    [3] LOTRO Experience

    I started LOTRO in beta and started on the Landroval server. Been there for some years now and grew tired of the community there (it's not anything like Laurelin). I love this game and it's the only game as of right now that I put my time into.

    [4] Character

    Adrean is my rising character. I have a few alts that I play from time to time but I intend for this hobbit to be my main. He is of right now a Master Cook and a lvl 22 Guardian. As I said, I intend for this character to be my main as of now so we will see where that goes from here. I am an American player so my hours vary but I am around at all hours of the day so that won't be an issue. I'm hoping for more RP and some interaction with the fine hobbits of Middle-Earth's Laurelin!
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    A warm welcome Adrean, I do hope you managed to mend that old cloak – it has quite a history and I am sure there is still more to discover.
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    Hello Adrean, and welcome to the Order! I couldn't join you all fer tea on Sunday on account of the late notice... well, it arrived late in Brockenborings anyways ... *gives miss Lina a look... then chuckles*

    Welcome again!

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