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  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    1. In-character introduction
    "The shire...such a beautiful place. Children playing in the uncountable fields of flowers, chubby smiling men sitting around in the green dragon drinking ale and laughing. Truly the paradise of middle-earth...and here i am strapping on my sword and laying my hood over my scarred head to protect it to death..."

    Bordobac has long been living and enjoying the land of the hobbits but his deep love of it is only matched by his fear of anything happening to it. He is not a great warrior of poems nor is he aspiring to be. He can be sociable and smoke a great deal of pipe weed when he is relaxed, though it is rarely so.

    "Maybe I should stop by the green dragon before the night is out...I need cheering up after hearing that terrible rumor of goblins sneaking about the edges of the shire. Hmm...yes, i will deal with the rumors...please let it be rumors... tomorrow"

    As he one Friday night steps into the familiar old pub he is greeted by laughter,dancing and tales of fat dwarfs. The jolly lot entertains him all night and he after a fair amount of skulking in the back corner, realises they are the to him mysterious order of the lost mathom.

    "Truly this cannot be? I am in such luck as to find likeminded individuals towards our home as I?

    2. RP experience
    Roleplaying has been the biggest part of gaming for me. It began when I was a kid playing D,D with my friends and eventually when I started playing games very seriously I always try to imagine myself in the game and getting pulled into the experience as much as I can (this has amounted to me talking loudly in my room when no one is at home and I am not ashamed of it...anymore) I've played a lot of W.O.W but I just never became that interested what with people constantly shouting "LULZ, OMFG!!, SELLING THIS AND THIS" On the Rp servers for crying out loud! I also thought it looked too much like LOTR without being you can see I've remedied that...I'm not great at these kinds of games but I do love to RP and to play with nice people.

    3. LOTRO experience
    Well I just started playing this game this week....17th august to be exact, after my long hiatus after 4 years of W.o.W. As the games gameplay wise are very alike I am not having much trouble except moneymaking, crafting, fellowship playing I guess I should call it...I have had no kinship experience or done any raids here or in W.o.W.

    Till I read the dresden files My favorite books were the lotr books... I've seen the movies (extended editions) and read the hoobit and the first 2 lotr books and am currently reading the third (it got put back several years as I said I'm mostly reading other books. I've heard a lot of the tales of the silmarrillion and other stories of middle earth by my dad who I sadly admit is the true LOTR scholar of us...That's it I guess?

    4. Character
    Bordobac is a level 13 offence styled guardian who is my main and I do not intend to bring any alts into the kinship at least for a time. A hobbit as previously stated and apprentice in metalsmithing and prospecting, apprentice soon to be in tailoring as well. No previous kinship experience as previously stated.

    Thank you for your time and you may take as much time as you want with my application, I'm in no hurry.
  2. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Re: Application for Borbobac [CONSIDERATION]

    Hello Master Borbobac
    Firstly apologies that you letter has only recently been found at Songburrow Hall. I do believe it became mixed up with some papers I have being preparing for a forthcoming 'Mathom Lecture'. But a little bit of mystery surrounds your letter as it was discovered in the pantry covered in jam! Worry not though as most of it remains readable and rest assured we will give it our most urgent attention.

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