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  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    To Miss Rowana
    and to the members of the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom

    My name is Daysi, and I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks. For quite some time I was not aware of your Order. My uncle Radigis had been doing coursework and occasionally I would secretly copy small bits of his lessons to practice on my small scrolls. I received so many compliments that I could now write so much better than previously. This helped me feel confident to continue learning. I hope to continue my studies legitimately with my own coursework if that would be possible.

    My father used to prod me, or rather, asked me to venture out in the evenings over the large hill into Bywater and try to make new friends. He didn't want me to be lonely while he was away on another one of his traveling adventures. I did as he wished, reluctantly at first. My most favourite event to attend was and still is on Friday at the Green Dragon Inn. Many that attend are from your order making the event so enjoyable. So many people from the Shire attend, from many different families and groups, but when one is there, it feels like one big happy family. Occasionally there are tall folk that visit, which scares me, but I try to hide my fears of them. Having so many hobbits I consider my friends being there, I always feel safe.

    It doesn't end there, many times members of your order are at the market in town, and anytime I hear they are planning a new event, I try hard to attend with a pretty dress (when appropriate) so I look nice and can have fun with everyone.

    Each Friday when it is time to leave the Green Dragon, I find myself holding back tears. They are not sad tears, but happy ones. I am glad to have yet again been able to meet with everyone. One never wants fun times to end. It is a bit hard for me when I part ways after the slow pony walk back to the homesteads, and I end up walking to my new burrow alone.
    The sad moment is but a second, for all I have to do is just remember the wonderful songs all the gifted musicians played. The spirit of friendship that is extended to all. The small whispers of good-natured gossip one might hear while nibbling on a pie. The wonderful dance lessons. A funny joke that someone shared. Poems that warm your heart and have you think of them for days and weeks. I enter the door to my burrow and realize I would never want my home to be anywhere else but here in the Shire.

    It is with this in mind that I am applying for membership with your Order. It would be a privilege and honour to represent your Order, should I be considered that is, and I hope I could give back in whatever way possible to the community that helped me so much. If this is not possible, please know that I will forever be grateful to you all.

    4 Wending Way, Cornacre, Shire Homesteads

    Daysi checked over her letter many times hoping she didn't make too many mistakes. She carefully folded it so it would be neat and placed it in a matching envelope carefully and then sealed it with wax. She walked outside to take a long walk to the post, she hoped the messengers would deliver quickly. Now she would have two letters she would be eagerly waiting for, one from the Order, the other from her father.
  2. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    [1] An (in-character) Introduction
    The somewhat weathered bench was pointed towards the warm fire that was crackling across the room. Its owner was resting on it as she did many a night, as she practiced writing her letters. This night was to be full of nostalgic memories as she looked at the bench that she now laid back on, remembering so many things. Like the times she would listen to her papa and uncle tell stories of adventures and mishaps, until she would fall asleep on her papa's lap. The late nights she would sit on the same bench, practicing her handwriting so it was legible. The countless evenings of tasting pies and the many talks of perfecting recipes, all happened on this comfortable bench.

    This special bench seemed to help her remember many fond memories on this eve. There never is a shortage of good cheer in the Shire, every new face you meet will soon become a friend. People who love to help others, and one will want to find ways to help them too as this is a joyous thing to do in the Shire. To help one another. To care for one another. To be able to sit and laugh and enjoy life together.

    One day she sat and wrote down a pie recipe for a neighbour lady who absolutely loved the pie Daysi had given her as a cheering up present. When the lady saw the handwritten letters and all the words were carefully spelled with no mistakes, she showered Daysi with compliments. This extended to the lady showing the recipe to people in town, and others would compliment her the next time she went there. The attention would sometimes make her blush due to her having a somewhat shy demeanour, but at the same time it felt good to be accomplished.

    Her father loves to travel to Needlehole from Frogmorton where she grew up. Many times he travels a bit further to the Blue Mountains and some other places with long names she cannot remember. He always write her letters and she writes back if he stays in one place long enough. Each time her penmanship and spelling skills improve. Upon his return, she always gets a very big hug from him. He always brings her some ingredient from far away for her to put into her ale experiments and sometimes he surprises her with a pretty new dress!

    All these thoughts and memories swirled through her mind as she decided she would get a letter written. One that was long overdue. The people she needed to write to were responsible for the skills she had with writing currently. Her penmanship in the past had always been atrocious. However, she had seen some practice papers her uncle had used and would sit and try to learn as much as she was able. The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom apparently helped many with literacy skills, and in a small way she was learning from them as well. Since the papers she copied from didn't have the orders name on it, she wasn't quite sure who was responsible for the lessons at the time.

    Daysi looked down at the beautiful paper she had bought in Bree to write this very special letter. When she realized that the very Order who helped her with her writing skills were the same Order that many people she considered friends were part of, she knew it was high time to thank them properly with a letter of heart-felt thanks. The fire still happily danced as she picked up her best quill and sat up to start writing. She had studied the notice board for days and was confident in what she needed to write.

    [2] RP Experience
    I did try to role-play in WoW, back when I played that game, but it was hard to find players who took role-playing seriously, many ended up doing other things instead. Prior to video games I used to have writing exchanges with classmates. I suppose you could call it role-playing to an extent, we would take a favourite book or film and sometimes retell it our own way. When many of us moved to other locations, we turned it into a round robin style of writing, each of us would pass a letter on to the next person, and by the end of the year we would meet up for drinks and read aloud how our stories had evolved. As the internet became part of our lives we would now do this electronically and many more tales and poems would be swapped until about 5 years ago when many stopped writing so much. They all got busy with their lives and it was hard for them to keep participating.

    It has been a few years since I have written any stories or poems, so my writing is a bit rusty. I apologise in advance for any mistakes I might make. I know the more you write the better your skill will become, and observing others who write well will inspire your brain to do so as well.

    Miss Daysi's letter conveyed how happy attending various events made her, and I would like to say it once more from the lady who plays her. Thank you each and every one of you that show up to all the well run events. Even when I meet you informally in another game location, you make her feel she is welcome. You are all a special lot and I can't tell you how many times in the last year I had to stop typing to wipe my eyes because you all really did make me cry. The good tears that Daysi writes about were real ones from me, because you all would have done something that really made me smile, or touched my heart in a special way. I really so look forward to all events it brings great cheer and I will never forget all the great times, it is a gift when I am allowed time in my schedule to come and play.

    [3] LOTRO Experience
    I have played LOTRO since summer of 2008. I had wanted to play sooner, but my computer back then couldn't run the game. Despite having played for this long, I have never managed to get a character to endgame content. I do have characters scattered on a few servers, but none of them grab my attention like Daysi does on Laurelin. I did get to endgame in other games so I am aware of the commitment it takes to get a character to that point. I healed and tanked endgame WoW content, but I figure that game is easy compared to this one, so consider me a new player in regards to endgame LOTRO content.

    I really would prefer to focus on Miss Daysi and her life in the Shire, it will be a challenge to explain to other hobbits why I would venture out to scary far away lands. However, should she become of the proper level and a need to be protecting the Shire happens, she will do her best! (I also received a new computer recently, so I am able to tackle things I couldn't before, I don't get stuck on door portals anymore, for example, cheers!)

    [4] Character
    I started to play on Laurelin with an elf minstrel named Lanthirien. I still have her, she is only level 16 and is a tinker for her profession. I have prospected for many hours with her and then sold the ores and gems I found to fund a certain hobbit named Daysi for all her dress, dye, storage and housing needs. Lanthirien has never been in any kinship, nor will she, I just quietly run around on her sometimes to gather money if Daysi needs it for something, like recently I wanted to get Daysi higher levels of farming and cooking. She also grinded out many task items that she would put in shared storage for Daysi to turn in to respective boards. Daysi also has never been in any kinships to this date.

    Miss Daysi leveled almost entirely by only handing in task board items. I purposely would not do quests on her so she could turn in the task items longer. I believe for two levels (11-13) she did gain those with quests in Winterhome, because I love that event so dearly. But the rest were all tasks, which I will resume again since she took a small break after getting her busy bee cloak. Miss Daysi is my main character and from now on she will grind her own task items and will probably will gain levels quicker than she did before because of this.

    Currently she gained the 23rd level as a minstrel and soon more will follow. She is a Yeoman, but up to now has been focused on her farming and cooking. She loves to bake pies and experiment with making ales. She might try her hand at tailoring soon as well. My account has been VIP in good standing since 2008 and I intend to keep it that way.

    In real life I have tremendous responsibilities and stress, so I have to relax to music before I come online to play Daysi. I like to keep the negative things away from her so I can go back to my fun loving nature and let that shine through her. I always hope to play her as a positive character with a simple story. Someone who likes to befriend many and help as much as she can. I hope people will understand why I won't want to bring my real life things to LOTRO, else I will never have a place of respite.

    I do not ever want her to be disruptive of other people's fun they have with their characters, so that is why I always default to the hesitant and shy with her. I am bold with getting her lots of dresses and colours (dyes), pony collecting and funny titles. I splurge on that, it's my little secret fun thing. I usually hide my titles and collected items when I remember to, I don't want others to feel like she is trying to compete with them. I know how fun it is to collect these things and wish others to enjoy that experience too.

    Thank you very much for reading this, and for your consideration of my application.
  3. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Hello Miss Daysi
    Your letter arrived safely at the Hall and I am sure we will have the pleasure of inviting you over for tea very soon.
  4. Lina Chief

    A warm welcome to the Order!
  5. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Welcome to the Grand Order, Miss Daysi! We are glad to have you, and hope you will feel right at home here!
  6. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Welcome Miss Daysi! *cheers and waves*

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