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    [1] An (in-character) Introduction

    Hullo all!

    I hope you all are doing fine this evening.

    Well then who am i ,Some of you know me by now some knows me less ,I was brought up in buckland my mother a fallohide came not to far from stock and fell inlove with my father a postman and a handsome bucklander with a streak of stoor in his blood , yes my grand parents on my mother side was frustrated of course specially my aunt imagen a bucklander and not to mention he was older but she was glad when i was born and mother decided to bring me along just to get me a decent childhood atleast according to my aunt while i think my uncle was just glad to see me. I never had the chance to meet my grandparents on my father side since they were already gone. The name Dewfoot came from my greatgrandfather that changed the name since we had our burrow not to far from the river and always got dew on our feets.
    We have been delivering mails and packages for three generations.

    Music was a importent part of my childhood. It was filled with festive moments music was always in the center besides cooking there was always something you could celebrate. My uncle was the one that taught me to appriciate the hard work to be a farmer meanwhile he told me stories. I was merely a teen when i lost him and mother same year. Father and i did our best to manage and my aunt surely wanted to get her hands how i was being brought up since she had a strong believe travels only damage a child since father brought me along while he was delivering mails and packages all the way up to Bree and down to Woodhall.

    My father took his job most serious it was a well paid job without to much stress since the mail came when it came. When my aunt passed away she gave me her family home in Maltmead my father wanted me to consider atleast to think about keeping it as he thought his adorble daughter would get married one day. Well we all know how life can be with it's odd twists and endings ,no man wanted to take the risk. When father was gone i decided to give the burrow to my cousins on my father side and their childrens they were in need of something larger and i knew my family home would suit while i moved into my aunts burrow for some time meanwhile i took a small job within the quickpost service.

    I have to admit i did enjoy the work but as it is when years passes on you realise one day you have to slow down. I gave my aunt's burrow to some cousins on my mother's side they wanted to get closer to Hobbiton where they had their good friends so i got my self a small burrow in Bramblebury and i have been there ever since. The life as a farmer is most giving meanwhile i tend to assist my good neighbours around and to mention one is the Grubbs family they has become close to me and their young ones brings me a good laughter a ray of sunlight when some days seems more grey. So here i am a lady that will turn 54 this summer red curly hair with some steaks of silver i got freckles and some wrinkles i am less talented when it comes to words while i allow the music instruments speak whatever there is on my mind . I am farmer that is enjoying a good laughter and jokes even if they are most silly so whatever i can be useful for the order i will be there. It would surely would be a dream to find a family to belong to. If there is anything someone is wondering about feel free to write me or ask me next time you see me well then i think it's time for some afternoon tea.

    You all take care

    Thank you all for reading

    Dittany Dewfoot

    [2] RP Experience
    Alright something brieth *smile*

    I have been playing diffrent mmorpgs for 14 years
    I have tried alot EQ , EQ 2 , WoW , UO ,DAoC , AO, Rift etc etc but none has caught me as much as Lotro *smile* I started playing the game just before moria was released and i was hooked. I was asked if i wanted to try out Swtor but i could not find my self to even consider the very thought. Midle earth has got me in a firm grip *nods*

    [3] LOTRO Experience
    Well i started playing the game when moria was about to be released and i had a human minstrel for awhile but felt it was just not me so it was about then i created my hobbit hunter and it felt right as from the very first beginning. I have to admit i tend to pick up the books now and then just to remind me how the story goes or simply watch the movies but i am not someone that picks up the silmarillion just to have a debate *smile*
    I hope that is fine, hmm about end games well i have not been looking to much into that but i have been trying out some fellowship runs and such due the years and have been enjoying the company the warm rp spirit some has brought but i am not all that experienced knowing what skills and such some bosses has and so on i usually just tag along and follow orders *nods*

    [4] Character
    My hobbit is my one and only I think i tried one time to return being a human again but it lasted for one evening before i deleted the human so yes when it is right it's just right. The life around a hobbit somehow reflects how i would like to enjoy life just to imagen taking things in a slower phase just to enjoy the day *smile*
    Dittany is a level 75 hunter and i am working slowly on getting her whatever is needed. At this moment i am working on getting the tailoring up and running even if it's a slow process i am getting there and will hopefully be useful!

    I used to be in PoTs and left them 8 - 9 months ago and tried a pve focused kinship for few weeks but realised it was not for me and i have been without a kinship ever since

    If anyone has any questions feel free to ask!
  2. Sevelda Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Re: Application for Dittany [CONSIDERATION]

    I've had the opportunity to interact with Miss Dittany many times and if no others have already done so, then I would like to sponsor her.

    She is active, is almost always at the Green Dragon every Friday, and she is often at other events around the Shire and even out of Bounds.

    I think she will be a great addition to the Order.
  3. Lina Chief

    Re: Application for Dittany [CONSIDERATION]

    A warm welcome, miss Dittany! Them were some fine scones too!
  4. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Welcome to the Grand Order, Miss Dittany!
  5. Lully Member

    Grand news, miss Dittany! Welcome to the Order!

  6. Dittany Guest

    Oh my oh my thank you so much for the warm welcome!
    I certainly have felt my self at home *smiles*

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