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    1] An (in-character) Introduction
    I am a recent newcomer to The Shire - and under the most peculiar of circumstances for a most shameful reason. Unlike many Hobbits I am becoming acquainted with, I have no blood relatives or kinfolk. Indeed, I have no recollections of The Shire prior to my arrival some weeks ago.
    While still a wee thing I was discovered by two wandering Elves bundled up in an apple basket on a dangerous road linking The Shire to Bree-Land. As it was shortly past the Witching Hour, my guardians have surmised that my parents and anyone else with them were amongst the earliest ranks of the disappeared. Rather than leave me to an unknown fate in The Shire, the two friends decided to take me with them. Like my situation, even the origins of my naming is odd as it was down to my guardians- people generally call me Molly because trying to say or spell Erszhebet is a bit of a stretch.
    Though I have seen some interesting places, I have never had a place that I could truly call home. The elves were not unkind - but their manner is very different to Hobbits. Like them, I have a fine appreciation for scholarship, the arts and music. But unlike them I need the companionship and support that can only come from trustworthy friends and loyal kin. As I began to age into what they call a sort of "maidenhood", this "quirk" became more pronounced. And so it was that they took the decision, backed by Elrond Halfelven and members of his Council, that I must return to the place of my birth and my own people.
    The Elves have very kindly established a home for me with the proviso that I must endeavour to learn the ways of Hobbits and become an asset to my community and my eventual kin. So please forgive me if it seems that I try too hard and am very thick in the haid for a Hobbit. The journey I am on is more important than any single goal. It is exciting but scary to be set loose alone in the world. As I'm on my own I take on odd jobs all over The Shire. My love of fancy clothes and purple things requires a deep coin purse which I seldom have due to shopping on Market Days in Michel Delving. I'm a firm believer in supporting the local economy.
    I have a decided liking for prospecting, cooking and making jewellery of all kinds. As I have an innate love of oramental design, no thanks to my Elvish education, I am of the mind that I will likely join the Jeweller's Guild when I have achieved the appropriate rank. I love music and singing - and the merriment to be found at the fortnightly market in Michel Delving and Friday Fleidhs at The Green Dragon in Bywater. Miss Sevelda has started instructing me on playing the harp and insists that I must work to overcome my stagefright, practice my music along with my spelling and writing, and be an active participant at the Green Dragon gatherings. I have to say, it's rather hard for me because I have a really bad memory on top of being woefully ignorant about Hobbit & Shire matters. At such times I either turn red with embarassment or faint outright.

    [2] RP Experience
    My RP adventures began many moons ago with Dungeons & Dragons in High School. I tried World of Warcraft and Star Trek for a time but neither held my interest beyond a few weeks. I have been a Second Life Resident for roughly 6 years. I’ve worked in-world as a Newbie Mentor and also in the real life capacity of Lay Minister for ecumenical project,The Anglican Cathedral in Second Life (under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Wellington, NZ). My RP experience in-world in SL has primarily been as a member of an Ancient Rome community. Recently I set up my own project in world - respite for people with disability and/or mental health concerns.

    [3] LOTRO Experience
    I have been playing LOTRO since early June 2011. I was introduced to it by a real life friend who was aware of my love of all things Tolkien, including Elvish language. Molly has not been a member of any Kinships. Her Elvish guardians were members of a mixed Kinship, but were compelled to resign a few days ago as they found the experience wanting (there are long-standing problems which the Founders & Provosts need to resolve amongst themselves before involving others). Molly’s positive experiences with members The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom at various events, the Fortnightly Market in Michel Delving especially, was a strong influence.

    [4] Character
    Hobbit Molly has now usurped Laureliniel as my main character - mainly because of experiences with the Kinship. In fact, she is the only character that has a presence in the Laurelin Archives (which I was introduced to by several members of The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom,

    At present Molly is a level 24 Hunter and Protector of The Shire. She is a Tinker and has recently become a member of the Jeweller’s Guild.
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    Re: Application for Erszhebet [CONSIDERATION]

    It's lovely to make your acquaintance, Miss Molly, and I look forward to hearing more of your lovely songs by the way.

    ... and doesn't worry about your peculiar upbringing, it's no stranger than what a Brockenborings gal thinks of the Bucklanders.

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