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    1 An (in-character) Introduction

    My father was a wise hunter who grew up in the lands southwest of the Shire, and hunted the plains near Harlindon Woods and Eryn Vorn in Arnor at the mouth of the Brandywine. It was said that his family came to those shores by boat as gypsy farmers and hunters. He met my mother at Waymeet while selling furs and hides to the drudgers there. She was a fine seemstress and had slowly earned enough to build a smial near the markets. They fell in love and I was born right upon the tables at waymeet late one night.

    They tried their hands at farming, but my father never could quite settle with his wandering spirit, and spent more of his time away from the Shire than in it. He returned to the deep woods and hunted and camped, and always returned with many bags of furs. He taught me to hunt and farm, fletch and whittle.

    My mother and I tried to run the farm, but it was too much like work. She loved her sewing, and I loved hunting far more than farming. We sold the farm and she moved to Little Delving and set up her sewing shop there in the front of the house. I took up my father's ways and explored my way through Ered Luin and far parts of the Shire, then on into Breeland.

    Not yet being half the hunter my father was, I dared not go in search of him beyond the South Farthing. I call the Shire and Michel Delving my home, but my hunter's heart wanders still. I follow the tales of treasures and help everyone along my path, wherever it may lead me.

    2 RP Experience

    I've spent nearly 5 years in Secondlife, roleplaying as a Faerie in the medieval sims there. I've written about 30 stories so far that I tell at bard circles from, sim to sim, and have also written several long tales, most of them about Faeries. So far, I have written 3 tales and one song about Hobbits for Lotro.

    I am a starving artist-writer, trying to get some of my works published as young-adult fantasy in the real-life markets. Everyone in Secondlife has told me that my tales are worthy of publication, but I haven't convinced any editors yet.

    My 8 years spent in Everquest don't count as RP experience, but I have come to understand the class types and interactions in groups from there.

    3 LOTRO Experience

    I've spent about one year in Lotro, and I level up very slowly, but enjoy the game immensely. I have learned to use the midi music system and play about 3 dozen songs that I like the most, so far. I have Lyrical loaded as a plugin. My mic input is fried and I cannot speak in Voice Chat, but I can hear Voice Chat. I have carpal tunnel syndrome, and most of my characters are Hunters, since they are easiest on my wrist. I have played and started other classes but cannot play them for very long and most of those have been deleted and remade into Hunters mainly for Turbine Point grinding.

    I am unemployed and play quite often, but cannot afford to spend any RL money on the game. I am not always on the same server, since I farm for Turbine Points as a "game living" so to speak. As a free2play account I have purchased my gold limit, unlocked auction house access, horses for all my characters, unlocked Woodworking Guild and Tailoring Guild, unlocked some traits for my main character, unlocked Lone Lands (before it went open to all, sadly), North Downs, Trollshaws, and Moria expansion and questpack. (That's a LOT of farming, by the way). My highest character is a level 48 Hunter on Crickhollow.

    I spent the time to raise my crafting on each character and enjoy it, no matter how many times I have repeated it. I always help out lower kinsmen/kinswomen with gear whenever I have the materials, and rarely offer any wares that are less than the high-grade purple ones.

    4 Character

    Krym is currently level 28, and my main character on Laurelin (of the 2 chars allowed for free2play. So far I haven't earned the points for a 3rd char. That might be next though). Krym's alt is Toots, lvl 25 hobbit Hunter, and is already in the kinship, Firstborn of Iluvatar. They are a very nice and kind kin, and I have no current notions of leaving them. Chances are, if/when I get to make a 3rd character, it will also be a hobbit, class yet undecided.
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    Re: Application for Krym [CONSIDERATION]

    A warm welcome, miss Krym! That was a fine tale yer told us over the tea!
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    Welcome to the Order, Miss Krym!
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    Lovely that you've joined us, Miss Krym, welcome!

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