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    [1] An (in-character) Introduction
    Hullo there! I was asked to write this letter for...for...well for someone, because i want to help, so i hope it gets to the right place!

    My name is Loslo and i am a farmer! i live in a hole just outside Michel Delving, its not much but i like it, its home. I like to farm its nice to see the progression of the plants and crops over time and its even better when you get to eat the result!
    Gardening i like that too making the gardens look nice and colourful, i won the Michel Delving garden competition two years ago!

    This is the life! a hard days work on the farm then off to the Bird and Baby for a few day though i want to have my own farm and i can grow what i like when i like and it will b the best farm in all the shire. There isn't much more i can write down, i never was much of a writer, i hope this finds you well, hope to meet you soon.

    [2] RP Experience
    I have been role-playing for about 2 years and half, in a variety of roles from warrior to cook, i have so far RP on LOTRO, and WoW

    [3] Lotro Experience
    I played LOTRO when it first launched then had a brake and have been playing it again for a year now, in lotro I have been in the kins Mithril Guard and Knights of Gondor

    [4] Character
    Loslo is a hobbit minstrel currently at lvl 48 and the profession is yeoman, this character has just been promoted to my main character, so will be on him everyday apart from the occasional day.

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