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  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    [1] An (in-character) Introduction
    "Hullo missus! Pellinor Freckles at your services *extensive and rapids bows*

    I heard of you people up at the Baby and the Birdie I did. I know my tales were a tad bit too tall, but I never knew unyone would take much uffront. Least of all the pretty barmaid. And pretty she was! But how could Pellinor here have knuwn that you people are for real? I knuw I knuw - and so she tuld me the maid, I should have, grown up in Waymeet and all I am!

    Which reminds me, have you by any chunce seen a stout fella, he is from Waymeet too he is, named Berregar? Oh no?

    Okay but where was I.. Oh yes. But here I am, to make umends. Pellinor Freckles, at your services" *several overly lavish bows*

    [2] RP Experience
    I have roleplayed for 16 years ranging from P&P to free-form, live and I am also involved in projects using roleplaying as a teaching method in schools and high schools. I appreciate the various sides to roleplaying from immersion to focus on the story. I'm still somewhat new to online roleplaying - my MMO experience started with getting another game to review it and soon getting hooked on it, even if eventually missing roleplaying as an element.

    [3] LOTRO Experience
    I joined Laurelin during the prerelease in April '07. I've had a few months break last autumn, but when asked to review the then new MMO Tabula Rasa I only rekindled my urge for Lotro (for the RP and the community). During my time on laurelin I've mostly gone on my own - though I formed a nice little kin people eventuelly left the game altogether. I've never had trouble grouping, roleplaying or befriending without a kin, but I'm starting to miss a.... context.

    [4] Character
    Pellinor is not my main and I am aware that might make me less attractive to the kin. On the other hand I'm not entirely sure I have a main at all - all my 5 characters were made the first time I logged in and I play them all all the time (hmm... maybe I DO play to much *smiles*), shifting between them. My characters are all level 50 and I do roleplay on them all as well - though enjoying to roleplay some more than others (including Pellinor). I miss some hobbit companionship and that is why I hope that I might roam with the Grand Order when on Pellinor. I cannot promise to be on Pellinor only, but I do love events and I'll do my best to keep up with the Grand Order.

    As for Pellinor, he is a hobbit burglar and a tinker with a fair sense for making jewelry. Pellinor left his home to take care of his cousin Berregar, when Berregar got the notion that he should go on a big adventure. Berregar, a guardian by nature, truely was a stout young hobbit, so the notion that he needed protection from his smaller and somewhat flimsy cousin was a bit lost on most of the Shirelings they helped out of trouble (or further into it) along their way. But just as Pelllinor had always been the one who got the two cousins into trouble as youngsters, he had actually also been the one getting the idea of the big adventure into Berregar's head in the first place... even if he ever so often would sigh at Berregar's doings and tell strangers on the road that he was only coming along to keep Berregar out of trouble. In fact hiding from behind his stouter cousins broad back was often how he first took to talking to strangers.

    Somewhere along the road Pellinor lost track of Berregar (Berregar's player leaving lotro :'( ). He has looked for him and searched everywhere, but at least he had already lost some of his timid nature during his travels with the cousin - which is probably how he learned to manage in a wider world on his own in the first place. Today Pellinor still occasionally returns to searching for his cousin, but otherwise he enjoys telling tall tales from their lived, or imagined rather, adventures abroad. And even if he can be rather cheeky nowadays his timid nature still shows from time to time.

    P.S.: I made the mistake of trying to register for the forums as I thought that was needed to post - so please disregard my disregard of due process and ignore that registration - at least untill I am hopefully able to join what seems the place to be for any roleplaying-loving hobbit character.

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