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    [1] An (in-character) Introduction

    Hello there,

    My name is not of great importance. I am writing you on behalf of someone I know quite well. Eh, as well as someone can know that burglar! He still has a lot of secrets, that’s for sure. He asked me if I could write something about him as he really isn’t good in writing and such a sort of things.
    So who am I talking about, you may ask. His name is Perseid. He is very young hobbit and just between you and me his name is quite strange, even for a hobbit. He has some even more strange habits. For example, he wears shoes. Can you believe that - hobbit wearing shoes? Where is this world coming to? I asked him one day, my friend why are you wearing shoes. I thought that hobbits don’t usually wear them. And he told me that he likes them. Well, to each his own, I would say.

    Some time ago my little fellow Perseid, wanted to learn crafting vocation. He was asking me what should he chose. I gave him advice to choose arms men vocation. Burglar can never come short with good dagger. And what dagger is better than one he made for himself? He did as I told him. But other day he came back and I asked him how he is doing with his vocation. And he told me that he changed it. Why did you do that? And do you know what he told me? I bet you won’t believe me. He met young hobbit lass that told him that farming and making pies is much better than making weapons. So he became yeomen. Can you believe that? Simple farmer and cook, that is.

    Did I say that Perseid is a burglar? Well, he told me that he never burgles his friends, but can you believe a burglar? I don’t think so but I must say he never burgled me. So maybe he can be trusted.

    He never talks about his past. So it is kind of a mystery to me. I don’t know if he even has any relatives. At least I have not seen any.

    What he really likes, I can tell you. He loves pies. Apart of that he really likes riding his pony. He even won some great pony races. It was The Grand Greenfields Gallop, if I am not mistaken. Field was strong but he managed to win. I asked him how he did that. And he smiled and told me that it was just a burglar’s luck. I don’t believe that it was just it but who knows. Strange sort it is those burglars.

    I think Perseid is not a bad sort of fellow even if he can be really strange. Sometimes he is quiet and just stares to the sky. He is watching the clouds. He told me that he is fascinated by different shapes the clouds can have. Talking about that, he likes staring to the night sky as well. Stars are the reason. He likes them as much as he likes the clouds.

    Today, he came and told me that he is thinking about joining some other hobbits. That he would like to be part of great community. Grand Order of Lost Mathom they are called. And he likes people there. Well, I think that some company of hobbits like him can do him well.

    So little hobbits, think about it, if he should be part of your order or not. And a little word of advice or warning of you please – you never know what a burglar can bring you.

    [2] RP Experience

    Not a lot of experience. Few months I would tell. But I enjoy it.

    [3] LOTRO Experience

    I am playing LOTRO for about 4 years. I’ve played all kind of instances and raids on other server. I have not been in any kinship on Laurelin. I tried this server because I wanted to try RP server as I heard that there used to be much better community. And so far I think it is really nice.

    [4] Character

    Hobbit burglar level 28. Professions are farmer, cook and tailor. This character is a main one on this server. No association with any other kinship.
  2. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Welcome to the Order, Master Perseid! It was a fine application, and I think you will make a grand member!

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