Application for Ralgo [APPROVED]

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  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    [1] An (in-character) Introduction
    Ralgo grew up in a merry background, surrounded by musicians and crafters. At points the constant festivities of his family made him break away, he went fishing, alot. This lead to him wandering the Shire at points, he learned mainly by trial and error how to cook for himself, and to hide from trouble.

    Ralgo was taught how to play the clarinet by his father, and how to stitch from his mother, but all else, he learned wandering the Shire. After he had disapeared for too long at a time, too many times, his parents decided to "let him go." Ralgo was then out on his own, but the independance came easily to him. He wandered, went fishing, cooked, and shared his fire with fellow wanderers. Making friends came fairly easy to him, as did being in the wild. The time came though, for Ralgo to find friends, and possibly a house, after all, he always wanted his own, pristine garden. His aspirations in life don't amount to much, all he wants is to have a good life, to share his fire and food with others, to prune some bushes, and to play some hearty tunes, all amongst a fine smelling cloud of the Shire's finest pipe-weed, with a river flowing on by, filled to the bridge with fish.

    [3] LOTRO Experience
    I have previous experience with RP in a few other games, WoW being one of them, I have another character, who helped introduce Ralgo to a few hobbits, that character is the Dwarf, Tumbir. I have not had high level characters on the game yet. On World of Warcraft I played a troll rogue, and lead a troll only RP guild, which had many meetings by the beach. On past games I have loved being part of a group, and waited for a long time for the world of Tolkien to come to a game like this.

    [4] Character
    Ralgo is a Hobbit Burglar, his vocation is Yeoman, and he is currently level 7, but that will be changing, and won't stop him from getting to any parties! I aim to attend all meets if possible, and it is rare that it is not possible. I kind of made this character because I love the whole thing about Hobbits, so it is only fitting I join with the most renowned and fitting hobbit kin. I see you guys around a lot, and always enjoy your company. Thanks for reading.
  2. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Re: Application for Ralgo [CONSIDERATION]

    Thank you for getting in touch Ralgo - I was away for a few days but we hope to catch up with you soon. If you do get a chance to be at the Golden Perch (Friday) or at our concert in Buckland (Sunday) that would be wonderful.

    (See the Events section for more details)
  3. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Re: Application for Ralgo [CONSIDERATION]

    Hullo Master Ralgo!

    It will indeed a pleasure to see you at the Golden Perch on Friday and to make your acquaintance a bit more. We do hope you can make the concert on Sunday too where you surely will get the opportunity to meet many other members of the Order.
  4. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Re: Application for Ralgo [CONSIDERATION]

    It was a pleasure to see you at the concert in Buckland and also in the party at the Golden Perch afterwards. I think we have an appointment for tea this evening at Songburrow Hall. Should you get lost any of the locals will be able to direct you from Michel Delving.
  5. Lina Chief

    *cheers* Welcome to the kinship!

    I am still working my way through the pipeweed I got the other day - my poor throat *coughs*

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