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  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    1] An (in-character) Introduction
    Hullo, my name is Remismud Grubb but I prefer to be called "Remmy" as it is easier to say. I am a mushroom hunter from Buckland and, if I may be permitted to brag a little, I am quite good at my job. According to my mother, Anza Grubb, my birth was troubled and my left eye doesn't work. Perhaps because of this, I can smell out mushrooms where even pigs can't find them, although that may be because I have fingers whereas they don't... At any rate, in addition to being a mushroom hunter, I have also been tasked from time to time to guide passers-by around our fair Buckland and into the nicer areas of the Old Forest. Lately, being short of sweets money, I have also taken to escorting people to and from the Shire proper so I suppose I am personable enough for even Shirefolk to want to hire me as a guide. My uncle, Otho Goldfather, is even teaching me how to craft tools and armor in order to help me in this endevour

    Recently, as you may or may not know already, there was a big to-do in Buckland regarding intruders and the sounding of our fair horn and that scared me a bit. This world has more than just us gentlehobbits and we should all do what we can to make sure that the more undesireable elements are kept away from our beloved lands. With that in mind, I applied to the bounders and am currently being trained by them in shield and club so that if any of my charges are accosted or if I am set upon by wolves or what have you, I can protect myself and those who hire me.

    I suppose I ought to tell you what I look like so you can spot me in person... Well, I have pale skin because I like to hunt for mushrooms at night and my eye doesn't particularly care for the bright sun... Oh, I have an eyepatch over my left eye, of course. I'm a bit rounded in the middle and I have dark brown hair which I suppose I ought to trim. Coming from Stoor stock and living in Buckland, I have a beard which I keep trimmed daily and I more often than not wear boots. I also usually wear a homemade burgundy robe that is purposefully longer than it ought to be as well as a long olive-green cloak; both of which help me find mushrooms more effectively for some reason. Lastly, I wear black leather gloves to keep dirt out from under my fingernails and because they look good with the robe that my mother made for me.

    [2] RP Experience
    You'll hate this but I started RPing in WoW. Back when I first got it, I saw the different server types and thought that roleplaying sounded like a lot more fun than just... playing the game so I joined one of their servers. I've honed my craft and even met my wife 2 years ago. Now that we're together, we research, plan, ponder, and definitely RP together even if we ARE right next to each other. Over the years, we've noticed that a majority of "RPers" don't take pride in what they do, they don't fact check, they don't ask lore experts, they just do whatever they want to and to heck if it breaks lore... although WoW lore wasn't exactly taken seriously by the devs so I guess they felt why bother. My wife and I don't work like that. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right is our opinion and we've been constantly on the lookout for a kin that follows our opinion to a tee and doesn't take any kind of guff from the lazy masses (not to be confused with people who are ignorant of lore. Ignorance can be taught providing the person wants to learn).

    [3] LOTRO Experience
    This will indeed be brief. We started LOTRO in July because we were flat out sick of WoW (I can attach my wife's farewell letter if you'd like). My wife and I have always loved LOTR and she even remembers most of it. I am not so lucky at all and, with my recent cataract surgery, rereading them is out of the question and the audiobook is so dry that it makes me fall asleep, no kdding. I've always loved Dwarves but I recently suffered Dwarf burnout due to another guild claiming to be RP and then letting in anyone who wanted in... So I turned to Hobbits. It's what Mom would have wanted :) I have done all of 2 skirmishes with the wife and I tend to level in clumps. Being severely disabled from birth (eyes, ears, lungs, back, knee, joints, and lungs), I don't really have a career (liability) so I have LOTRO and my wife. It doesn't make for great income but it does mean I am almost always available when I am awake (contact via steam RKade8583).

    [4] Character
    Remismund (Remmy for short or Pig-Butt (he's fat) if you want him to turn red and punch you :D ) Hobbit Guardian (I was an outstanding tank in WoW according to my wife who pugged a lot and was a much faster leveller than I was) Level 10 and up Armouror primary, tailoring and prospecting My old character was affiliated with Durin's Folk. We left amicably enough. They're a good guild but not for me. I want to experience everything this game has to offer: every sight, every quest, every deed, every dungeon, every skirmish, every raid, and I might even PVP eventually. Again, if you're gonna do something, do it right.
  2. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Re: Application for Remismund [CONSIDERATION]

    My sincere apologies for not opening your letter sooner, I have been supervising the delicate and time consuming process of renovating the Brandy Cellar at Songburrow Hall, and what with so many craftsmen coming and going things have been somewhat in a mess at the Hall.

    I won't try to disguise the fact that your letter was found pinned to a cask of Old Stoutfoot Ale, and could have remained lost had it not been for the sharp eyes of our housekeeper. I must assure you that this is not the normal state of affairs at the Hall, so do bare with us.

    With warmest regards

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