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  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    [1] An (in-character) Introduction
    *Lately Sum has been becoming strangely obsessed with mathoms, perhaps it’s a fever? Maybe it’s his age… he did just hit 30 after all!*
    *After endless nights without sleep Sum decided to give in to his strange sudden mathom-fetish and began to visit the notorious mathom collections across The Shire and even the lesser ones forcing his way into random burrows just to see what mathoms they had to show*
    *With many hobbits now doubting Sum’s mental health his neighbours decided to write a letter to The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom to seek perhaps a form of rehab for this obsession?*

    To The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom
    A close neighbour to us has turned mad! He’s never been a usual type, always abit’ clumsy and very loud in the morning from first breakfast to second breakfast waking us all up… even from the other side of Little Delving! Anyhow I am writing to you to perhaps think about taking Sum in your own hands? As notorious Mathom collectors perhaps you can help solve this problem?
    Please do something, my most beloved mathoms are in a chest for now but I’m sure he will get them in time…

    From Sum’s neighbours
    PS. Sum’s local post office is in the main square in Little Delving if you wish to contact him directly!
    (( Sorry I couldn’t resist making this application an in-game story! J ))

[2] RP Experience
I began RPing about 5 years ago on SWG (star wars galaxies). I loved immersing myself into a world I always dreamt myself being in.
    When LOTRO first came out I initially joined Snowbourne and only when I joined Laurelin (about 2 years ago) did I begin to immerse myself in Middle-Earth too.


[3] LOTRO Experience
    I have been playing LOTRO for just over 3 years now, with some breaks on the way due to university however when I am on I always look to enjoy every aspect of the game. I have been part of all-sorts of kinships in the past, from raiding ones to more-relaxed social ones making me an all-rounded player.

    Sum the character has been around for some time now and I’m sure some of you may have heard of him, he ran Musical Fridays in the Prancing Pony for a while. Also before Sum I had the character Eilbard/Poga who actually applied some time back however I couldn’t progress my application due to the lack of time I had spare to come on LOTRO!


[4] Character
Clumsy and slow-witted but very good at talking absolute rubbish while sounding convincing best explains Sum. His title as an investigator can be debatable as he often finds himself chasing chickens and even dwarves trying to find a lead to a case. However sometimes this beard-grabbing and pick-axing does pay-off and for it he has solved some of the strangest cases across The Shire giving him a false-sense of confidence making him a-wee bit’ arrogant and ignorant most of time.

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