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  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    1. In Character introduction
    Hullo, my name is Tallic. If you would let me, please allow me tell you something of myself.

    I left the comfort of the Shire some time ago, so much has happened since then it seems an age. I was always fascinated by the tales dear old Bilbo used to tell us tweens, I dreamed of meeting elves, battling mighty dragons and becoming a hero. So when i came of age i packed up and ventured beyond the borders of the Shire.

    If i knew then the horrors that awaited me, well i wouldn't have stepped any further along that eastern road than The Green Dragon. Barmy Rootknot tried to talk some sense into me, but when this hobbit has an idea there's no turning him.

    I dare not speak much of what dark things befell me along the road, but i did get to meet with the elves and my, they are the fairest folk you could wish to find. The more i travelled and the more i learned, i realised that my duty lay back home, protecting the folk of the Shire.

    So here i am. I recently moved into a lovely hole in buckbank, with my younger cousin Napol, and hope to find peace here until such a time as i am needed abroad.

    I wont just be idling around though, least ways not all of the time. I have a steady supply of pipeweed which i intend to make my living from. I may even travel as far as Bree to sell my wares, and of course catch up on the odd piece of gossip if i happen into The Pony.

    I often see you merry folk in Michel Delving and of course in The Green Dragon Friday evenings. If you will have me, i would like to be considered for membership to your order.

    You should be able to find me wandering about the Shire. if you wish to send me a letter my hole is at 1 brookbank street, buckbank.


    2. RP experience
    I'm a little rusty with my rping. i was on this server for quite a time but left when f2p started and went for a fresh start on one of the new servers (withywindle) rping was pretty much considered nerdy there, so i kind of just played it like everyone else. Places like the pony are completely deserted there, and the game is just full of people chasing the ultimate gear. when i was on this server before, i did tend to stay in character, but was never in a heavy rp kinship.

    The only other mmo's i have tried are, very briefly star trek (which i found to be dreadful) and star wars galaxies. I was on SWG for a couple of years, and was pretty much always in character there.

    As for lord of the rings, im 30 something now and have been reading tolkien since i was a kid. i still make sure i read lord of the rings once every year, and have plenty of other tolkien books. so im quite clued up on all things middle earth.

    3. LOTRO experience
    I've been playing a few years now and have a lifetime account. I started out on evernight, spent most of my time on laurelin and as i said above moved to withywindle for a fresh start. By far my favourite class is minstrel and of course hobbits are the most fun race to play. i find it difficult to remember all the kins i have been in. the main one on this server was True Taters. on withywindle i was in a kinship called, protectors of middle earth and was an officer there. I'm pretty much past the stage of obsessively chasing the ultimate gear, and find being in a huge kinship can leave you feeling left out. i would rather be in a more tight knit kin, where everyone knows each other and enjoys each others company as much as the game itself.

    I have done most raids/instances but have little experience of some of the new content. i will obviously always be available to help any kinmates with quests/instances and will want to play through all the new Isengard stuff, when it arrives.

    4 Character
    Tallic is my main, minstrel 65. supreme tinker (kindred with jewellers guild) oh and hobbit. Napol is an alt, warden 65, supreme weaponsmith (kindred with weaponsmith guild) hobbit. my only other serious alt is Nevlin, Hunter 65, supreme woodworker (kindred with guild) Elf i do have other alts, but only really use them as crafters or storage. im not currently in any kinship here with any of my characters.

    i would like to say that i do remember your kin from when i used to play on this server, and your friday green dragon nights. i think its good that kins like yours do these things to help create a better all round atmosphere in the game, especially after having been on withywindle and seeing how stale it all is there. i've visited your site and enjoyed reading your rumours and stories, so thought why not try and join in the fun.

    i guess thats it, i hope this isnt to long winded and that you can find room for me.

  2. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Re: Application for Tallic [CONSIDERATION]

    Thank you for your letter, I myself have been out of the Bounds and instructions were left not to disturb any of my post while I was away. I do however notice that this is a distinct lack of brandy in the cupboard, but that is another story.

    I shall need to catch up with a few things but rest assured we shall speak to you soon.
  3. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    A warm welcome Master Talllic and thank you for your patience in awaiting a reply to your letters. We were delighted to have you over for tea and hope that you will enjoy a long association with the Order. Don't hesitate to ask us any questions that come up over the coming weeks - a few of us will be away from the Southfarthing for a few days so don't be alarmed.

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