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    [1] An (in-character) Introduction

    Hullo! Greetings and Salutations.

    My name is Thombaerd Theodoulos, and I come from a reputable family residing in the community of Brandybuck. I would most humbly seek membership within your kinship, The Grand Order of the Lost Mathom. I am neither a troublemaker, rascal, nor of a nefarious nature, though I do enjoy a fine meal, well written poems, and an exciting tale. Unlike many of my kind, I love adventure! Currently, I have traveled as far as the big-folk's town called Bree, and have spent some time with kin in Staddle. My goal in life is to travel around and see the sights of the land. I've heard some dwarves talk about a mighty place called Kazad-Dum of which greatly fascinates me! I also want to see elves if possible.

    You have already heard some of my poetry last Friday at the Green Dragon, which I don't right mind repeating below:

    The Queen
    There was a queen, terrible and grand, -
    she sat within her fort, -
    and all her boys, surrounded her fair, -
    defending her very court.

    Her house is old and sinking down, -
    Marshes encompassing all abreast, -
    Her visitors each seek her demise, -
    or wind up her dinner guest.

    A minstrel young, enters her abode, -
    Playing a happy tune, -
    One by one, her guards fall down, -
    afrightened by his croon.

    The bard begins his serenade, -
    intending for the queen, -
    Her Majesty, jumps up in fright, -
    Doom before her seen.

    Her boys rush forth, with venomous fangs, -
    Seeking to protect her brood, -
    The music plays on, in the Midgwater Marsh, -
    while the fight in the court ensued.

    Her Majesty fell, with a horrid thump, -
    And the bard chuckles, with a smile broad, -
    Jumped out the court, with a quickening step, -
    With the hopes of not being gnawed.

    Have you visited the queen, terrible and grand, -
    as sent forth upon your quest? -
    And did you win the day, slaying this queen, -
    or wound up her dinner guest?

    [2] RP Experience

    My RP background primary consists with 3 years experience in EVE Online in an RP fleet, The First Praetorian Guard. You can find my RP blog at

    I am 47 years old and retired. Though I do teach theology, New Testament Greek, and Bible in our church's Bible Institute, my free time is consumed playing LOTRO. My other guild I am involved with (Saints of the Old Republic) is primarily active in the evenings (US time), and during the day, I find myself alone on the Riddermark Server. So I decided to find a kinship who are active during European/ UK times.

    I am hoping to get involved with a Hobbit-Only kinship who like to quest and run instances together. LOTRO is fun, but running with other mature players is even "funner"!

    [3] LOTRO Experience

    I have been playing LOTRO since April. I have eleven characters on the Riddermark Server, with one of them at Level 75 (Elf Warden - named Elebed). I have three active characters on Laurelin: Thomwald - Hobbit Warden, Hoagarth - Dwarf Champion, and my main character Thombaerd - Hobbit Minstrel.

    [4] Character

    My main character on Laurelin is Thombaerd. He is currently a Level 22 Minstrel. I am not associated with any other kinship on Laurelin, but am active with Saints of the Old Riddermark on the Riddermark Server. Saints of the Old Riddermark is the LOTRO kinship for Saints of the Old Republic.

    Saints of the Old Republic is a 500+ member Christian Gamer's Guild which currently focusing on the game Star Wars: The Old Republic. Our LOTRO presence is small, but relatively active during US Time Zone evenings.

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