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    [1] An (in-character) Introduction
    Hello, I’m Thyitas Goldfather. My father’s name is Otho and my mother’s name was Sapphire, although I don’t remember her as she died just after I was born. According to dad, she really loved the colour blue, which seems to be a trait I inherited from her. Dad works as a blacksmith, shoeing ponies and making farm tools, and makes a good living, although he hasn’t really shown any interest in the ladies that keep sending him mushroom pies and hinting that he’s still marriageable. Instead, he shows more interest in the pies than the ladies, and he once said it was because my mother was the most valuable treasure he ever found and he could never replace her.

    Since I grew up without a mother or any siblings, dad couldn’t do much to keep me out of his forge, and as a result, I got a little bit of a scare when I was younger, resulting in a burn from a hot shovel head across my left cheek. I still like the forge though, and in the last few years, dad has actually allowed me to help out a bit when one of his apprentices is away. Usually, though, I just settle myself in the back of the shop and tinker with the “shiny pebbles” that get in the way of the “real work”, making pretty trinkets out of the different stones that he finds when he’s out looking for metals.
    I have a fondness for apple pies, carrot cakes, and strawberries of all types, and my cousin often teases me for carrying a jarful of strawberry preserves with me wherever I go. As if he has room to talk, always stuffing himself with sweets! I’ve become a fairly good cook, mostly thanks to the recipes and notes my mother left me, and cousin Remmy is constantly pestering me to make him cakes as a result. I also enjoy a good sweet mug of cider from time to time, especially when I’m near the Green Dragon or the Ivy Bush.
    I don’t see myself as overly ambitious, though I would like to expand my little jewelry experiments into a real branch of my father’s shop, I suppose. I recently managed to save enough to buy a sweet little pony that I’ve named Berry, and I use her to deliver my father’s wares about the Shire when he’s too busy to go himself. As a result, dad saw fit to have some of the local hunters teach me to use a bow, mostly in order to protect myself from the wolves that have taken to wandering about the Shire of late, although I quite enjoy competition and target shooting.
    I usually wear a blue shirt and pair of trous with a smithing apron over it to keep my clothes clean while I’m tinkering away. When I’m out and about, though, I have a nice tunic that I wear, and this Harvest Festival dad set aside some time to have a local seamstress make me a very pretty dress to match my nice tunic, which he’d bought me last year. I keep my hair a little short, because it gets in the way of my tinkering otherwise, and I use my hair to hide most of the scar on my cheek, which I’m a little self-conscious about. I don’t usually talk this much either; I prefer to sit quietly and listen to others while I enjoy a drink and a snack, most often a slice of the apple pies that I’ve made.

    [2] RP Experience
    I’ve been role-playing since D&D version 3.5, which was when I was first introduced to the whole concept of acting a part as part of a game. I fell in love with it immediately, although D&D, like many other games, catered to my love of elves. From D&D, I moved into WoW when it was released, playing night elves and then blood elves back in the good old days when roleplay was encouraged and rewarded.

    I try to keep my characters unique as a person, while still fitting into the lore of whichever world I’m playing in. Leaving WoW was actually hard, as I’d invested almost six years into my character by that point. My farewell to WoW, when I finally decided to do so, was actually written in character, and, according to friends, perfectly captured both my character’s personality as well as my own sense of loss.
    I had wanted to try roleplaying in LotRO for a long time, but I was slightly afraid of being burned again, so I’ve been careful about settling myself into anything permanent. I will say that the random roleplaying I’ve come across so far has been both fun and refreshing for me, even if I have a bit of trouble initiating a good session with others. I’ve personally nicknamed that flaw “WoW refugee syndrome”, since I’ve noticed other former WoW players seem to have the same problem.
    I tend to use British English spellings for certain words, likely from being exposed to so much European literature when I was younger, but other than that, I try to make certain that my spelling, grammar, and punctuation are all correct, whether I’m speaking in character or out of character. As far as I’ve noticed, the only word that drives me absolutely crazy is when someone spells “grey” with an “a”, as it just looks wrong to me.
    I’m very picky about lore, and although I dislike the idea of being a sheltered female in real life, playing one in game is quite relaxing as well as being a welcome challenge for me. If I’m not sure about something fitting into lore, I’ll ask someone. If they don’t know, and I can’t find an answer among my many books or through online resources, I’ll try to find a logical reason for my character to do, say, or behave in the way that I’m looking to have them behave. For example, my elven hunter wears a heavy hood and human-styled clothing when she’s outside the traditional homes of her people, since elves are, according to lore, not often seen outside their own territories.

    [3] LOTRO Experience
    Before I get into my LotRO experience, there’s something anyone who wants to get to know me, in or out of character, should probably know. I first read the Hobbit at the age of six, had finished Lord of the Rings well before age eight, and by age ten was devouring anything Tolkien had set pen to, including a lesser-known story called Mr. Bliss. I consider myself a proud Tolkien fanatic, and have even looked up the blueprints someone made in the last few years of how to build a viable Hobbit-hole to live in, just in case I ever have the money to buy land and build one for myself and my husband.

    As to my LotRO experience, both my husband and I felt a bit lost without a good, fun, challenging MMO to play after we left WoW. We saw that LotRO was free to play, and thought that would be a good way to try it, as we’re careful with our money. Within a month, we were convinced to become VIP players, as well as hooked by the game’s challenging difficulty. No more instantly leveling to endgame for us! We like to work for our character levels. As a quick side note, I’ll be referring to both of us quite a bit, as part of the reason we joined up with this game was to have an activity we can do together.

    The only kinship I’ve had any experience with in this game is the one my husband and I tried to create for ourselves, however, we lost our one player who was excellent at recruiting. Since neither of us are that good at it, we allowed the kinship to disband, feeling that it was in the best interest of the server as a whole to put our skills to use in an established kinship, rather than beat ourselves up trying to do something we know we aren’t best at doing.

    I’ve been playing since July of this year, and I’ve tried to keep my characters out of kinships until I can find kinships that I can genuinely fit into as well as roleplay with, which is my main focus. My husband and I did recently find that we quite enjoy skirmishes, especially when we’re in them together. From my viewpoint, the amount of detail put into the environments, most notably the rainbow in the Shire and the actual constellations in the night sky just caught my attention, and as I love details like that, I’m looking forward to seeing what else is in the game as I get into new places.

    And, just for the record, the Old Forest scares the living daylights out of me, especially since I’m scared of spiders in real life. The sheer number of spiders in this game is unbelievable, I can’t seem to go anywhere without them making me jump in real life, a sign of a truly great game. I will also note that I’ve been eyeing the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom ever since I rolled my hobbit lass, as I often saw various members roleplaying while I was passing by. I’ve thought about dropping in on one of their Green Dragon Fridays for a couple of months now, although real life obligations haven’t made that possible so far. I also make a point of having at least one of my characters drop in just for the atmosphere whenever I see the Market Day at Michel Delving pop up, even if I haven’t said anything much to anyone about it. It was the husband’s decision to take a break from playing dwarves and roll a hobbit that made me suggest we look into actually joining the kinship officially.

    [4] Character
    Thyitas is a level 16 Hobbit hunter, although she may be level 17 by the time this application reaches you. I took the tinker profession on her, as I loved jewelcrafting in WoW, and wanted to be able to make my own rings and other such fineries for my characters in LotRO. Tinkering also seemed to suit her personality the best among my characters, especially as it includes the cooking skill. She is technically my secondary character, because my first love has always been, and will likely always be, elves. However, I will likely be splitting my time evenly between her and my official main character, as they have the profession sets that help my other characters out the most.
    Sadly, I am a bit of an alt-aholic, with a total of four characters on this server, although it is the only server I play on. None of my other characters are currently in a kinship, as I have yet to find what I am looking for in a kin for my two elves and my human, as well as the fact that I like to have one or two characters that are “free agents” as it were. However, I do try to have my own characters have at least a passing knowledge of each other, for example, my main character has purchased several jewelry pieces from Thyitas, and so would have a partial knowledge of Hobbit lore. I do not heavily involve my characters in each others’ stories or lives, as I learned from that mistake back in my WoW days, so if the kinship ever saw my elf in the Shire, they likely wouldn’t be troubled by the Big Folk trying to say hello.
  2. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    Re: Application for Thyitas [CONSIDERATION]

    My sincere apologies for not opening your letter sooner, I have been supervising the delicate and time consuming process of renovating the Brandy Cellar at Songburrow Hall, and what with so many craftsmen coming and going things have been somewhat in a mess at the Hall.

    I won't try to disguise the fact that your letter was found wedged between a large bot of blackberry jam and an old tea caddy! I must assure you that this is not the normal state of affairs at the Hall, so do bare with us.

    With warmest regards

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