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  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    [1] An (in-character) Introduction
    Hullo there, my name is Wothro and I'm a bounder from Buckland. Very unusually for a hobbit, I've travelled very far on errands for the shiriff: east eastwards to Archet (although that wasn't voluntarily) and westwards to the tower hills. There I saw the sea for the first time, what a horrid place it was. I was very glad that I could turn my back to it. I've never really liked those great surfaces of water larger than the pond of Bywater or the Brandywine river. I guess that started when as a little hobbit I went paddling with my uncle (who was more of the stoor-ancestry) up the river Brandywine. One hour later, the weather changed suddenly and the water became wild. The boat was tossed upon a big rock and I was thrown into the water. I've never have been more frightful than at that moment, although those black-cloaked horsemen that burgled Crickhollow made me shiver aswell. Luckily my uncle saved me from nearly being drowned. From that moment, I've started to dislike water and all things being wet.

    Despite my uncle (and father) having stoor ancestry, the fallohide blood of my mother runs through my veins hence my love for wildlife and nature. My curiosity towards Elves, Dwarves and ranger-folk (though it is mainly for boundering reasons) has gained me more insight about the troubles in the rest of the world (Bree-Land and the twilight lake beyond the northfarthing). As a warden of the Brandy Halls he has spent some time reading and studying the maps of the regions around the shire.

    [2] RP Experience
    I've roleplayed in D&D and in LotRO. Before I've been part of dwarf roleplaying and attended hobbit roleplaying as a guest. Now I'd like to be part of hobbit roleplaying aswell.

    [3] LOTRO Experience
    I've been playing since spring 2008. I've done all the raids in the game (some bosses missing though). My main character is in "the Silver Blades" kinship, he has also been officer of Baruk Khazad for a long time, but then he left to help a friend and joined the mystics of the third age. There he was forced to leave by an officer because he preferred to attend a hobbit rp fishing contest held by Bardoric of the PotS than that officer's helegrod raid. Because of that he joined the Silver Blades, allies of Baruk Khazad and he knew the leader. My two monster characters: a reaver and a warg are both field-master(officers) in the Black Blades tribe. I can lead nearly every raid (except the bosses I haven't done before). Oh and before I forget, I'm also in a raiding alliance.

    [4] Character
    My character is a hobbit warden, momentarily he's lvl 12. He's an explorer. It will be my main alt, so I'll be active on it. As mentioned above, I'm part of the silver blades.
  2. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)

    We were delighted to have Master Wothro over for tea and a story or too. He impressed us greatly and it was our pleasure to find a place for him in the Order. The beginnings of some important task were discussed, of which more news will follow... in secret of course.

    A warm welcome.

    ((I believe Wothro is now away for a few weeks on an extended holiday which will explain his absence))

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