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    [1] An (in-character) Introduction
    Hi all!
    I am Augena Thistlemist a Hobbit from the shire. Most ppl call me Aug. I love music and to dance and make beautifull clothes. You can catch me most of the time at crafting places figuring out how i can make the latest fashions. Unless i am busy " Hewing Trolls" :)

    I am a dutch woman and sometimes i do not always understand what i am doing. So sometimes i just need some time to figure it out or ask questions. But i love to have fun here in LOTRO now i see what i have missed for 12 months.

    I am almost married with Tangletwigs Thistlemist from the Shire and a good friend of Gotty Thistlefinger. ( I hope they think the same about me :) And Gotty and Tangletwigs are also responsible for showing me LOTRO and EQ2 once. They dragged me into this!!! I do like it please do not misunderstand :p

    I usual group together with Tangletwigs, because he can't watch his health. And is only thinking about pie's. I love to help ppl as a ministrel but sometimes i wish to be left alone and explore and figuring things out.

    [2] RP Experience
    Ehmmmm... I played LOTRO alot i think about 12 months ago i left it and went to play EQ2. I think i have about a year experience with these games.... I used to be a member of the Second Breakfast kinship.

    [3] LOTRO Experience
    Played it for a while and i reached level 47 today. Yay!! I usuall play my Ministrel level 47. Yay! or my hunter level 27. I also reached master tailor but i need to catch up a lot has changed. :)

    [4] Character
    Augena level 47! Ministrel (main) and Augais level 27 hunter. I always make new characters to understand roles in a fellowship better so i have some characters who i delete later.

    Well i hope that you consider my application.

    So exciting :)
    Greetings Aug.

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