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    Perhaps you drank too much or you were being chased by brigands. Whatever the case may be, you now find yourself lost in the twisted maze of the Old Forest. The sun is setting fast and the trees seem to be closing in around you. You start gathering branches, hoping to get a fire going before it gets too dark, and as you reach down to grab one....IT GRABS YOU!!! What you thought was a stick was actually a root and it comes to life in your hand, wrapping itself around your arm. There is a loud cracking noise as the nearest tree starts to move, heaving itself from the ground and slowly creeping towards you. You struggle to get away, but the root has a firm grip on your arm. The branches of the tree whip back and forth, close enough for you to feel the wind as they pass. This looks like the end of your journey.....

    A loud roar suddenly echoes through the forest, followed by the sounds of arrows striking wood. The tree groans, turning away from you to focus on the new threat. You hear more arrows whistling on their way, each one followed by a solid THUNK that makes the tree groan with pain. The sound of metal striking wood is added to the mix, and you see what looks like a small bear locked in melee combat with the tree. It moves much faster than a bear, dodging the flailing limbs and roots with precision and retaliating with a sword and dagger. With one last groan, the tree stops moving and crashes to ground with a loud WHUMP. An eerie quiet follows.

    The bear approaches you, and as your eyes adjust you realize that it's actually a hobbit wearing a mask made from a bear's skull. He is dressed in dirty brown leathers which act like camouflage here in the forest. "Hullo, what have we here?" he asks, though you aren't quite sure if he is talking to you or to himself. "You look a bit lost."

    You look down at your arm and realize that the root is no longer alive but has hardened around it. "Here let me help you with that," he says, then draws a sword and chops through the root at the base. Now free, he then assists you with getting it off your arm. "Good campfire wood," he comments, looking at the wooden spiral. "I'm Drethro Blackwolf, a protector of this forest. Come with me, I have a camp nearby and a nice fire should help you warm up."

    He leads you through the woods to his campsite and gets a fire going. After a bowl of hearty woodland stew, you feel your eyelids starting to droop. "Sleep well friend, you are safe now," he says. The last thing you remember before falling asleep is the sound of music being played.....and the distant voice of a woman singing along......

    The following morning you wake up to the smell of bacon and eggs cooking. Drethro gives you a filling breakfast, then leads you out of the Old Forest and into Buckland. "I trust you can find your way home from here," he says. "Be careful out there in the future. It's my job to protect those who enter this forest, but sometimes I don't arrive in time. If you ever need a guide through the Old Forest, or any other wild land for that matter, you can usually reach me by post at my home in Butterbottle. Until our paths cross again my friend," he says with a nod of goodbye, then heads off in the direction of his home.
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  2. Lina Chief

    Welcome to the Order, master Drethro! Grand to have yer here. Don't spend all yer time in them forests now!
  3. Neti Member

    Welcome, master Drethro!
  4. Lully Member

    Welcome to the Order!
  5. Nimelia Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Welcome Master Drethro! Do be careful in that Old Forest - them trees there are like the Sackville-Bagginses among plants, always seem to be grumpy!
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    Welcome ter the Order, Master Drethro!
  7. Drethro Member

    That's why Old Tom needs hobbits like me to help him keep the balance.
  8. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Welcome to the Grand Order, Master Drethro!

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