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    One of the lovelier sights of any hobbit homestead are the numerous ponies around. Given that most hobbits keep a few ponies, and since garden space is precious, you often see our equine friends roaming freely through the villages. Herds of them. Galopping down the roads. Feeding in flower beds. Whinnying and running around all night, thundering hoofbeats keeping even stone-deaf hobbits awake. Come to think of it, perhaps it is not such a lovely sight after all.

    There have always been tensions between gardeners warding their flower beds and ponies seeking a quick meal, but lately the conflict has escalated to such levels that even the bounders were bound to notice it. The bounders leaped to action and has been debating the issue over ales at the local inns ever since.

    However, rumours are spreading that an enterprising band of northerners currently look to establish a stable somewhere in the Shire. Hobbits from the North Farthing have always been praised (or cursed, depending who yer ask) for their shrewd business sense, and it is said that this particular group aims to provide a place for ponies to stay, feed and enjoy good care while their owners are busy elsewhere, for a very modest fee.

    As to where the stables will open is currently unknown. An elderly hobbit in Overhill noticed quite a few carts and wagons heading south the other day, and he has nagged his neighbours about it ever since, only keeping quiet during his seven meals each day.
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    Hobbits in Southfarthing had much to gossip about last night, as news about the caravan of wagons spread. Some even said it was headed for the Shire homesteads, but this rumour was squashed by a bounder who said that no wagons or carts had passed down that road, and he should know, because he had been there all day helping a local forester. It later turned out that his help had amounted to having a good snooze under the shade of a willow tree.

    No-one was surprised, then, when the rumour was later confirmed by some curious children who noticed the carts and ran by them, asking all sorts of nosy questions. The drivers were remarkably tight-lipped, just smiling and winking at their followers. In the end, the children gave up their prying attempts and ran home for supper.

    Over platefuls of crisp baked perch, golden taters and mushy peas, they talked with enthusiasm about the travelers and the contents of the wagons. Besides furniture, farming equipment and many exciting-looking crates, what brought the most enthusiasm was a couple of grizzled old dogs snoozing in a basket. Such was the childrens' excitement, their parents had to offer an extra portion of apple crumble for afters just to keep the little ones quiet for a short while.

    As night fell, hobbits in the homesteads chatted about the events of the day with their friends and neighbours. A grumpy old hobbit grumbled about ruddy northerners coming to Southfarthing and that nothing good would ever come of it. No-one really paid much attention to him, but everyone was more than a little curious, wondering what the days ahead would bring.
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    After a few days of busy activity, inhabitants in Songburrow woke to find the large parcel of land at 5 Harrow Road filled with wagons, crates and farming equipment.

    After the inevitable flocking of nosy villagers had ensued, the new owners of the land admitted that yes, they were to set up a stables there. A short period of preparations later, Hoof Mane and Tail Stables opened their doors, displaying fields full of tents for ponies to relax beneath, hay and flowers to eat, plus much in the way of nourishment for the hobbits working there as well. The proprietor, one Gillyflowers Stables, welcomed ponies from all over the Southfarthing should they be in need of care or feeding.

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