Fires in the Night

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    Crossing over the Brandywine Bridge I had barely set a foot within the Shire when I was met by Farmer Maggot in his pony and cart. He begged me to come out to his farm and investigate some very perculiar events.

    "That useless Bounder over by the Ferry would not even give me the time of day" he said

    As we travelled to his farm he told me the full story.

    It had been the previous night when he was doing his final checks of the farm when he noticed in the woodlands two strange lights. He immediately saw that they were camp fires, and suspecting poachers he set loose his dogs to see them off. But to his great surprise neither of the dogs would step an inch over the farms border. This unnerved him greatly and he decided to bolt all his doors and windows and wait for daylight to get assistance.The Bounder at the ferry refused to help.

    "It is none of my business what goes on in dark woodlands late at night" he said.

    So Farmer Mggot headed for stock to find someone with a bit more backbone when he bumped into me.
    I agreed that it needed investigating and so we left the road and entered the shade of the trees. It was plain to see as we entered that there had indeed been two campfires burning that night. But the strangest thing was that the long grass was completly flattened in a perfect circle around each one, which would have taken a great many pairs of feet to acomplish. Even stranger was the fact that there was no sign of footprints, either inside or leading to and away from the campfires.

    We decided to wait untill nightfall to see if the fires would be lit again but after spending the night hidden in two old apple barrels we saw nothing.

    I am at a loss to come to any reasonable explination and have never come across the like before or since.

    With the Brandywine Ferry still closed the area around The Marish has become very isolated. So if you do have to travel through The Shire late at night stick to roads and take care.

    The woods north of farm where the fires were seen

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