Grand Hobbit Summer Rooftop Picnic, Sunday 22 July

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Grand Hobbit Summer Rooftop Picnic

Golden Perch, Stock
Confirmed Attendees: 5
Start Date: Sunday 22 July 19:30 PM
End Date: Sunday 22 July 21:30 PM
Time zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST
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  1. Lina Chief


    Joy of joys, the summer is here! And summer means time for food and drink!
    Well, so does the rest of the year too, but there’s one thing summer surely brings.
    Picnics! Get ready for this year’s Grand Summer Picnic!

    Date: Sunday July 22
    Time: 7:30PM UK/BST (2:30PM servertime)
    Location: On the roof of the Golden Perch in Stock, the Shire, Laurelin server

    We are pleased to invite all hobbits and good friends to this year’s summer picnic! Activities to look forward to include music, dancing, games, food and drinks, fireworks and competitions.

    New of this year is that we'll go on a picnic in Stock. The roof of The Golden Perch looks inviting, as does the picnic table just beneath the apple tree there.

    Please bring your own food to share with the others, for the picnic potluck!

    All hobbits are invited, except Lobelia and Lotho. We're still undecided over Ol' Flourdumpling, because he'll end up eating all the food.

    There may be a pie rolling run as well, so bring an extra set of dry clothes...


    This is certainly a hobbit-preferred event, but well-mannered dwarves and good friends from taller persuasions may surely pop around too. Just don’t block the view of the locals during the entertainment.

    The picnic table behind the inn
  2. Lina Chief


    Some things to look forward to:
    - Lots of food and drink
    - A riddle run
    - A pie rolling run
    - Dancing
    - Bonfire and fizzers

    Welcome all!
  3. Lina Chief

    Riddle 1:
    Twenty-four we number
    Giants on our sides
    Empty we bring sadness
    Filled we bring you smiles
    We're not on a high shelf
    Neither at the bar
    So, you have to tell me
    What and where we are?

    Riddle 2:
    Clothing is my game
    But, what is my name?

    Riddle 3:
    Seven doors are painted bright
    What colour is the upper right?

    Riddle 4:
    Some take pride in riches
    I regard my feet
    Tell me now which flower
    Ma and pa found sweet

    Riddle 5:
    Roof above, but walls are gone
    Merry music in the air
    Carrot, mushroom, bread and pie
    But how many apples there?

    Either inside the inn, or in the yard outside!

    1: 24 mugs on table between two barrels in the yard
    2: Ernald Boffin, outfitter
    3: Red (painting of seven burrows, inside in the corner by the fireplace)
    4: Primrose (Proudfoot)
    5: Four apples (and three pears) on a plate in the gazebo
  4. Lina Chief

    summer picnic 00.jpg

    summer picnic 02.jpg

    summer picnic 03.jpg

    summer picnic 05.jpg

    summer picnic 06.jpg

    Them were grand picnic times - thanks all for coming! *cheers*
  5. Pycella Member

    Thanks all, it was a fun picnic! Well organised, miss Lina! *cheer*

    We should spend some more time on rooftops *nods*
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  6. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    We should! There's owls ter be chased, after all:
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