Grand New Years Snowball Fight, Sunday 1 January

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Grand New Years Snowball Fight

Winterhome, Frostbluff, Snowball Field
Confirmed Attendees: 4
Start Date: Sunday 1 January 19:30 PM
End Date: Sunday 1 January 21:30 PM
Time zone: Europe/London +00:00 GMT
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  1. Lina Chief


    A new year awaits! Full of promise, opportunity and pies! No better way ter celebrate than ter pelt yer best hobbit friends with snowballs!

    Date: Sunday January 1
    Time: 7:30PM UK (2:30PM servertime)
    Location: Frostbluff, Winterhome, snowball field

    Snow, snow, snow, right now! No better time, then, than ter go play in the snow!
    So let us gather our hobbit forces, enter them snowy fields, throw snowballs at each other and be merry! I am sure there will be lots of firework too! And perhaps some mulled wine by the fire while we wait fer the next round?

    If the weather is grand and many hobbits show up, we will try fer a nice group drawing as well! Welcome hobbits!


    In case you see no/few other hobbits at the snowball field, you are in a different layer than the rest. Please contact the organizers so they can invite you to the correct one.

    Here is a video from the 2014 snowball fight:
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  2. Lina Chief

    Happy new year, all! Come celebrate with some wild and carefree snowball throwing tonight! Oh, and after the snowball fight, we just might have a little surprise for yer...
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  3. Lina Chief

    snowball 01.jpg

    snowball 02.jpg

    Lots of hobbits this year too! How grand to see yer all!

    Only one year until the next fight!

    bloodtusk 01.jpg

    After the snowball fight, a brave band of actors performed a public dress rehearsal of the brand new play, "Ode to Old Bloodtusk: The Breeland Porxodus". Coming soon to a tree stump near Budgeford!
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  4. Pycella Member

    What a pork of surprise, indeed! The Ode to Old Bloodtusk was finally performed! (Or we saw a dress rehearsal, at least!)


    The Old Bloodtusk had a special surprise (or two) for the bounders involved!

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  5. Potty Member

    Grand snowballin' everyone!

    Just fer the record, I do feel a bit sad I did not hit Miss Nimelia with any snowballs again this year!

    A lovely night it was though! And with a oinkcellent surprise too! *cheers*

    Happy New Year ter all!
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