Green Dragon Friday, Friday 1 November

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Green Dragon Friday

Green Dragon, Bywater, The Shire
Confirmed Attendees: 0
Start Date: Friday 22 November 19:30 PM
End Date: Friday 22 November 21:30 PM
Time zone: Europe/London +00:00 GMT
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  1. Lina Chief

    Anerra is hosting GDF tonight, June 29!
  2. Lina Chief

    Future hostings at the Green Dragon:
    • July 27 - Pycella
    • August 3 - Anerra
    • August 10 - Pycella
    • August 17 - Pycella

    Good to go the next month, then!
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  3. Pycella Member

    *smiles* If no other hobbit is available for the third, I can back up there as well! Need to dodge those waitress duties...
  4. Lina Chief

    Got Anerra for the 3rd, so yer can certainly waitress then if yer like *grins*
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  5. Lina Chief

    Near future hostings:
    • 12. October - Lina
    • 19. October - Anerra
    • 26. October - Pycella
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  6. Lina Chief

    Some upcoming hostings:
    • 16. November: Anerra
    • 23. November: Pycella
  7. Lina Chief

    We're back at the Dragon this Friday January 4th! Pycella is hosting!
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  8. Lina Chief

    Anerra is hosting GDF tonight!
    Pycella is hosting next Friday, the 18th!
  9. Mollywobbles Member


    Hey everyone!

    The media org im working for is US- based and hectic with government shutdown coverage.

    Im currently on a conference call with a Federal agency... scheduled to go on at least until 8pm eastern ... so another half hour or so.

    Only just got tapped to take part in this.

    Hopefully ill make it for some of tonights Green Dragon (Jan 11, 2019)
  10. Rubellita Member

    Uncle Peppy told me you were able to make it after all! *cheers*
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  11. Mollywobbles Member

    Yes I did!!! *cheers*

    And honored Miss Lina with a lively tune on me pipes!!! *smiles sweetly*
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  12. Pycella Member


    Next Friday, we might have a quick mystery to solve inside the Dragon, so if you want to help out, better come early!
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  13. Mollywobbles Member

    Hullo Miss Pycella!

    I love a grand mystery to solve but it looks like I'm going to be held up at work tonight... *cries*

    ((OOC: it's a big news day back home in the US with the Global Indigenous People's March in DC and other cities and major movement on constitutional legislation ... us Indian Country journos are rushed off our feet!))
  14. Lina Chief

    Likely upcoming hosts:
    • Pycella: Feb 1st
    • Lina: Feb 8th
    • Anerra: Feb 15th
    • Lina: Feb 22nd
    • Pycella: March 1st
  15. Lina Chief

    Likely upcoming hosts:
    • Pycella: March 1st
    • Lina: March 8th
    • Pycella: March 15th (Green Dragon Pie day)
    • Anerra: March 22nd
  16. Lina Chief

    Upcoming hosts:
    • Anerra March 22nd
    • Pycella March 29th
    • Lina April 5th
  17. Lina Chief

    Upcoming hostings:
    • Pycella May 17
    • Lina May 24 (anniversary)
    • Anerra May 31
    • Pycella June 7
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  18. Lina Chief

    Upcoming hostings:
    • Lina June 7
    • Pycella June 14
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