Green Dragon Friday, Friday 10 March

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Green Dragon Friday

The Green Dragon, Bywater, The Shire
Confirmed Attendees: 0
Start Date: Friday 10 March 20:00 PM
End Date: Friday 10 March 22:00 PM
Time zone: Europe/London +00:00 GMT
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  1. Rowana Voluntary Assistant Chief (Semi-retired)


    A regular weekly gathering of hobbits at the Green Dragon in Bywater, under the watchful eye of Barmy Rootknot, the innkeep. A handful of locals and a good many hobbits from further afield spend an enjoyable evening around the fire. Chatting, general gossip, merrymaking, music and song as well as tales and the occasional surprise happening are the order of the night.


    As most folks in the Shire will know, on Friday nights hobbits meet at the Green Dragon. It has always been a popular place for songs and music, tall tales, riddles and good-natured conversations about the yearly crops or latest wolf sightings.

    Lately, the inn has been as full as ever before, and spirits have been high. Many new musicians and poets flock to the fireplace to entertain the audience, which merrily dances the night away.

    However, recently at least a few hobbits have found it hard to watch the entertainment or even make their way through the room. At times, there are quite a few tall people standing in the way, limiting the views of our Shire inhabitants, or engaging in rather strange dances which often ends up with a tall leg kicking a hobbit in the lower back.

    Said one elderly patron: "Bah, me neck is getting stiff from having to peer up at all the tall ones, and no mistake." Before huddling off in the direction of the Ivy Bush.

    While not necessarily a huge problem yet, I'd like to remind everyone that Green Dragon Friday is (and always has been) a hobbit very much preferred event. It is an attempt at recreating a Shire-ish night at the inn, for hobbits to meet and interact in a setting relatively close to the books.

    Our interpretation of that is as follows:
    - Hobbits are very much welcome, of course.
    - Other races should be very much rarer.
    * The odd traveling dwarf is always welcome, given that they often traveled by the Shire roads to their faraway mountains.
    * Humans and elves would generally not be around (while elves passed through the Shire to the Grey Havens, they traveled through the woods, only interacting with a few select adventurous hobbits).

    These guidelines have been there from the event started, near three years ago. From the first postings about the event:

    "Longshanks and Elves. If you wish to attend this night, can you please, please roll a Hobbit or 'travellin' Dwarf. The Shire, all though blessed with the 'odd' outsider, was not the 'in' place to be seen if you were a man-folk or an Elf (and especially an Elf!). Try out the hobbit RP for size instead. Longshanks/Elves are NOT banned from this event, but to keep things in perspective, and to show respect for the regular attendance of folks who wish to turn up to a Hobbit Event, which this is, it is asked that you do indeed bring a hobbit or travellin' Dwarf. You will find you get MORE RP this way, naturally. Exceptions are not the norm, but pipe smoking with a friendly Dwarf and listening to ole Jimothy of Bolewood Farm prattle on about his wayward Cattle with a multitude of hobbits in attendance at a Shire Inn, is."

    While we don't actively plan on policing things, we hope that players will respect and enjoy a haven for hobbit RP for about 2 hours / 1% of the week. As long as we keep to the spirit of things, I am sure we'll be around for at least three years more!

    Date: Every Friday (see our calendar)
    Time: 20:00 (GMT)
    Duration: 2 hours
    Location: The Green Dragon, Bywater, The Shire

    More Information
    Please take the trouble to read more about the night and some useful guidelines for attending this RP Event.

    The Green Dragon (Our own news)
    Turbine Forums (Regularly updated)
    Official Lorebook Entry
    Laurelin Archives (RP Site)

    The Road to Mordor (Seven player events you must attend)
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