Happy Bullroarer Took Day!

Discussion in 'Friends' started by Qamellia, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Qamellia Member

    Wear some green and toast Old Bullroarer!
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  2. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Happy Bullroarer's Day to you too!

  3. Rubellita Member

    Hooray! *cheers*
  4. Potty Member

    *raises his mug*

    Happy Bullroarer Took day everyone!
  5. Lina Chief

    Off to Yel... er... Greenfields! Happy Bullroarer Took day!
  6. Korinna Member

    *goes through her wardrobe in a hurry looking for green items*
  7. Korinna Member

    If any hobbit is stuck looking for something green, this Lanky Lore Master has made summit that might help....

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  8. Rubellita Member

    And this must have been the most iconic image of the Bullroarer Took celebrations (with credits to Miss Acorne for capturing the moment):


    And this is what happened next:

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  9. Lully Member

    I had to leave before the partying stopped, it went well into the night... Grand Times!

    A view from backstage:

    Partying well into the night:
  10. Lina Chief

    Bagpipes, eh. Never heard such silly rumours...

    Anyways, here are some drawings of me own!

    bullroarer 01.jpg

    bullroarer 02.jpg

    bullroarer 04.jpg

    bullroarer 05.jpg

    bullroarer 06.jpg

    bullroarer 07.jpg

    bullroarer 08.jpg

    bullroarer 09.jpg
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  11. Rubellita Member


    Bullroarer Took Day 2018, with the Greenbrambles taking a break while Master Ponso Pondhopper recites his new poem about Bullroarer (to be read in the Gazette). A grand time was had by all!

    The Greenbrambles had made a new song too (to the melody of Spicy McHaggis Jig):

    Come on, roar with me!

    Bullroarer was big, burly and strong.
    His legs and his club were all very long.
    Rode on a horse, ‘cause a pony’s too small.
    That was Bullroarer, burly and tall!

    Long time ago, a battle raged on
    here on the Greenfields, where it all began.
    Hobbits fought goblins, they fought for their lives
    protecting their homes, their children and wives.

    Bullroarer lead them, but back in his mind
    tried to invent games, new to their kind.
    He had some ideas, but none of them fine
    until he was called to the battle’s front line.

    Bodies were scattered all over the place.
    To move forward there was not much space.
    So he made his horse jump up on a fence
    to not trample bodies. He had moral sense!

    Singer roars:

    The game of fence running was invented that way,
    but there was more on his mind on that day
    The hobbits seemed to be losing the fight,
    so he roared out: “With me! Unite!”

    The goblins got scared, they called for their king
    who attacked the Bullroarer, who took a big swing.
    His club then severed the king’s royal nob
    What flew through the air to land in a gap.

    “Aha”, thought Bullroarer, “a hole in one!”
    I bet I can use that, when the battle is done.
    Bullroarer had found another new game
    The battle was won and gained him much fame

    Singer roars:

    Well, Bullroarer won the battle of course,
    Great are the deeds of him on his horse.
    But we think of him too for his very cunning
    invention of golf and also fence running!

    Lalalala, lalalala,
    lalala lalala, lalalala
    Lalalala, lalalala,
    lalala lalala, lalalala

    And again:

    Edit: added link to Master Ponso's poem in the Gazette.
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