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Discussion in 'Applications' started by Lina, May 9, 2016.

  1. Lina Chief

    Harbella has recently moved out of her parents burrow and, after a bit of a false start in Bartunnel which seemed to be mostly empty, learned of a vacant burrow in Songburrow at one of the Green Dragon Fridays and with the help of Lina moved into 2 Pleasant Street.

    As a minstrel, she wanders the lands looking for people to help and for adventure. Weekends are spent indulging in her passions for ale, pie and music in the Shire. Her goal is to explore every corner of Middle Earth and pick up some trophies for the burrow along the way.
  2. Lina Chief

    Welcome to the Order, miss Harbella! Glad to have yer with us!
  3. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Welcome Miss Harbella!
  4. Potty Member

    Welcome ter the Grand Order, Miss Harbella!
  5. Rubysue Member

    Welcome Miss Harbella! Glad to have you with us.
  6. Pycella Member

    *cheers* Welcome to the Order and Songburrow, Miss Harbella!
  7. Rubellita Member

    A very warm welcome, Miss Harbella! *cheers*
  8. Lully Member

    *cheers* Hello and welcome to the Order!
  9. Neti Member

    Welcome to the Order!
  10. Harbella Member

    Thank you all, I'm delighted to be here.
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  11. Rubysue Member

    *Cheers* Not only keys to the Songburrow Hall, but access to the board! That's sorta another right of passage. Glad to see you here!

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