Help Make The Hobbity Yule Calendar 2019

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    Are you dreaming of a hobbity Yule?
    Let’s make that dream come true – together!
    Third time’s even more charming!

    Pycella is looking for entries to this year’s Hobbity Yule Calendar. And yer can help! Here’s all the info from Pycella’s place:

    In the past two years, the hobbits of the Grand Order of the Lost Mathom kinship have put together a hobbity Yule calendar, sharing their Yule-themed pictures, recipes, songs, poems and videos to others each day from 1st to 24th December. The calendar has been quite popular, getting people into a cheerful Yule mood. So it would be lovely to organize the calendar this year as well!
    This time though, we would need your help. Do you have something to add as a calendar entry? Here are some examples of entries:
    • A Yule-themed picture, LOTRO screenshot, slideshow, drawing, or a video made by you
    • A Yule poem, story, or a song
    • An introduction to a local Yule tradition you’d like to share to other hobbits
    • Your favourite Yule recipe
    • Yule decoration ideas, riddles, games…
    Feel free to get creative as well! Each entry is valuable, so don’t be shy to share your stuff. For inspiration, you can take a look at the previous Yule calendars from 2017 and 2018.

    Let the Quickpost deliver your entries to pycellawoodberry(a) Please send your entries as early as you can, so that the calendar preparations can be made in time. This year, the Yule calendar will be hosted as a blog, and not on the kinship forum. More information to come!

    Please help us make the hobbity Yule calendar and spread cheer among hobbits and other folks!
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    Show us your yule food!

    Last year, we put together a slide show of Yule tree pictures sent by members of the LOTRO community. The result was very lovely and atmospheric. So it would be nice to make a similar slide show this year as well... with Yule food!

    Please send a picture of a Yule food/meal/feast. It can be an old picture from a previous Yule. Please make sure that the picture is taken/owned by you, and/or you have rights to use it. You can tell where the picture has been taken (state/country), so that we can add it to the slide show. It is always nice to see how widely spread the community is!

    Please send your Yule food pictures to Pycella by Quickpost to pycellawoodberry(a) on 13th December at the latest.
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  3. Pycella Member

    The first Yule calendar surprise is now here! It's a video from Gamutdorok, a dwarf with an egg shell helm. Here, you can learn a short dance while he strums his lute! Enjoy!

    This and the upcoming calendar surprises are published here:

    If you have possible entries for the calendar, visit the About page for more information. Also, we need Yule food pictures for a collective entry published on 19th December. If you have any, we'd love to add them to the slideshow!

    Merry Yuletide to all!
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