Hot Tears

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  1. Patula Member

    Place: Green Dragon, Bywater

    “Claramay! Have you heard?”
    “Heard what Mrs. Brown?”
    “Its about your niece!”
    “Is there something wrong with Tula?”
    “I ran into her last night, outside the Green Dragon. She had swollen red eyes from crying.”
    “Oh dear, what was the matter?”
    “I couldn’t understand what she was saying first from all the sobbing, but she said something about ‘that stupid Simbo’”
    “Really? Simbo, that fine lad who gave her all those flowers? I don’t believe it. Tula would never call him stupid.”
    “She did! Her exact words were… Let me think. Yes. She said: ‘That stupid Simbo danced with a pretty blonde lady first *sniffs* and then with a miss Zara and not… not… not with me!’ And after that Patula started crying again and ran off home.”
    “Poor Tula, I better go and see her.”
  2. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    "Anyway", said Barmy, as he served another customer at the bar, "that Simbo nearly drank me dry of my Dragon Breath ale"
    "I have heard he has a legendary appetite", the customer replied
    Barmy nodded
    "This all happened yesterday. He came in, handed over a pile of silver coin, and told me to keep the drinks coming"
    "And he just sat and drank them?"
    "No. The queer thing is, he had a quill and paper on the desk and was writing furiously"
    "Did you ask what he was writing?"
    Barmy rolled his eyes; "Something about a poem to a hobbit lass, and he needed the ale for inspiration"
    "These poets", scoffed the customer, "such strange fellows"
    "And thirsty!", replied Barmy, "I hope the hobbit lass is worth it, because I have had to ask the Floating Log for one of their kegs to stop me running out"
  3. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    A nervous looking hobbit walks up to the bar in the Green Dragon, and clears away some of the mugs there. With Barmy's back turned, Simbo leaps onto the bar, and pulls out a lute from his pack. Clearing his throat, he begins to strum a tune, whilst reciting a new poem....

    "The sights of the Shire delight the eyes
    With its fragrant orchards of fruitful trees
    Fields of green lying under blue skies
    Dotted with blossoms floating on the breeze
    The birds sing softly in leafy bowers
    Rivers meander in mid-day sun glow
    Paths lined brightly by tall rows of flowers
    In all of the colours of the rainbow
    But yet, despite such pretty sights and sounds
    There is still more that exceeds these delights
    Because in the Shire there can be found
    Something so splendid that truly excites
    For in the Shire, naught can surpass
    The lovely Miss Tula, fair hobbit lass!"
  4. Lina Chief


    The crowd cheers at the poem, eagerly awaiting Tula's response
  5. Lothilia Guest

    This is by far my favorite of your poems! I love it.
  6. Patula Member

    Tula was gently pushed forward by Lina, closer to Simbo who announced his poem. She listened quietly, still unsure where the poem was going. It was after the last sentence that she started to blush, feeling confused. Simbo jumped down from the stage and offered her a flower, asking her to forgive him for his silliness. Happiness filled her heart and with a smile she accepted the flower and put it in her hair. That night they danced many dances together, smiling at each other.

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