Jimothy's Spite

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  1. Lothilia Guest

    Place: The Green Dragon, Bywater
    Person: Barmy Rootknot

    After the last mugs were cleaned, Amburr swept the floor whilst Barmy tally'd his count for the night. Through the pipe-smoke the last two hobbits waved their goodbyes and grabbed their respective hats from the adorning wall hangers in the main hallway. Only one hobbit was left now, slumpt over a table with a spear in one hand, and a half mug of ale in the other.

    Barmy Rootknot rang his bell
    Barmy Rootknot sighed sadly and shook his head as Jimothy turned on his heel, and awkwardly fell through The Green Dragon's front door in a heap of spear, straw and coughed up curses.


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