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    To the Grand Order,

    In response to the secretive conversation we had the other day, i hereby send ye me letter, as promised. I trust that ye will read it aloud to all other parties involved, as i do not know their names and was thus unable to send them a letter of their own, or leastways put them up as addressees on the envelope to this letter.

    As ye seem interested in historical facts and the roots of things, i shall tell ye a bit of me own story, just so ye know who ye're dealing with. The following is an excerpt from the biography of me Pa, as written by Miss Agapantha Ryegould (a dear friend of our family and an amateur writer and historian):

    "Many generations ago, a Hobbit named Fintold Stewe lived in a hole in the ground, together with his lovely spouse Lilibit and an ever-increasing number of Hobbit-children. One day, Fintold found that this particular hole that they lived in, had grown to hold quite insufficient floor-space to allow for all those furry feet to properly walk (or run) upon it. So he stuffed his daypack to the brim with pies, bread and jams, biscuits and refreshments, before setting out on a scouting expedition of the Shire: he meant to find his family a new, larger home.

    After a few days of hiking, Fintold still hadn't found exactly the right place (he wanted something perfect for his wife, for he knew she would be keen on it being just that) and was getting rather frustrated over it, not to mention very tired indeed. He sat his back to an old oaktree and rummaged in his daypack for a pie, only to find that there weren't any left! So he let out a long, grumpy moan. And the tree he sat against, it moaned back...

    Or rather, it hummed, or so it seemed, what with the way its bark creaked and its leaves rustled. Intrigued, Fintold backed up a bit and listened to the humming of the oak. It was a beautiful song! Before he knew it, he found himself humming along with the Oaken Song and sat there, mesmerized, for hours, before his rumbling belly played the final chord and he remembered where he was.

    Some time later, the Stewe family lived in a big, stately Dwelling at the northern edge of the village of Stock: Humming Hall. The Humming Oak was in the right middle of their new courtyard. Its song had nestled inside Fintold, like a fishing-hook stuck in his heart and he hadn't gotten any rest before his family's new Home had been built right around this very tree. And a Home it was indeed, the soothing Oaken Song like a warm and homely hearth-fire, a ten-course feast with a dessert of strawberries and cream, a nice smoke of good leaf, calming the spirit after a hard day's work. Even Lilibit found it to be a perfect place, and that's saying something...

    Being happy and content, as a token of respect and appreciation to their Great Oak, Fintold decided to change the family name to Hummingoak. Even to this day, the Hummingoaks are well-known for their humming abilities, for the Oaken Song has grown its roots deep into their kind and hearty spirits.

    Herebolc Wollard Hummingoak, son of Tombolc and Daisebell, also called "Herbie", had a carefree and happy childhood, during which he developed a great love for music and the lands of the Shire. He had everything he could possibly wish for, living at pleasant Humming Hall and being the only child of quite well-to-do parents, who were both fine and famous Jewellers and ran a little shop together. When he was in his early tweens, his father decided that it was time for him to learn the family trade. Much preferring to become a Musician (in which his father saw no real future, no matter how good his son could play), Herbie was very skeptical of this at first. But he soon found out he much loved the craft for the skill involved and the creation of beautiful things. So he decided he would be both a Musician and a Jeweller.

    When he was thirty-four years of age, Herbie attended a Spring Lovers' Dance and met there a Hobbit-lass named Lufreesia. Half a year (save a few days) later, they were married. They much heightened each other's enjoyment of life (even if there had been plenty of that before they had known each other) and were never seen without a right big smile on their faces again. There was a dream of running little Hobbit-feet, but it appeared that they were unable to have children. Until, long after they had given up their dream, Lufreesia's belly began to grow, and it wasn't because of Herbie's pies (though excellent they were). One night, at the tail-end of a particularly cold and long-sustaining winter, one life was given, and another one taken...

    Lufreesia died soon after giving birth to their daughter Mella, due to unforeseen complications. Herbie was, ofcourse, heartbroken and very lost indeed. Tombolc and Daisebell jumped in to help take care of the little baby and tried their best to comfort their son. Herbie, who had not known there could be so much sadness gathered in one small Hobbit, became a bit of a hermit, for he could not handle the overall merriment of Hobbits' social interaction. It was too much of a contrast with his current state of mind. The only real joy he still found was in the smiles and babbles of little Mella.

    One evening, when Herbie was sitting by the fire, smoking some fine Gamwich Braid leaf, his mind wandering, he heard come from behind him, where stood the little crib that held his daughter, a peculiar sound. It was a word: "Lulufere". At first, Herbie thought the smoking was going to his head, but then he heard it again, and once again after that. He realised that little Mella had spoken, in baby-language, the name of her mother, Lufreesia. It was the first word that had ever crossed her tiny lips. She had heard her father muttering this name many, many times, when he was staring into distant places. Something then clicked in place inside Herebolc Hummingoak of Humming Hall and he felt as if waking up from a bad dream. He gave his daughter a new first-name: Lulufere, and he knew that his beloved Lufreesia would live on in this child, as she did in the memories that he had and cherished. Lufreesia certainly wouldn't have wanted him to sit around feeling sad all day! No, she'd have wanted him to go on the lookout for beautiful things ("Sparkles", as she had called these) and be happy and cheery and full of life. The next morning, he departed on a good, long walk through the fields of the Shire. It had been a long time since he had last done this and he found that he had missed it greatly, without knowing it. He hummed again, that day...
  2. Lina Chief

    Things were quite a bit better after that and Herbie focused on his music, work and being as good a father as he could. Lulufere was quite a handful and grew up to be a curious little rascal, always wandering off to who-knows-where and running head first into trouble. She had made it her goal to plant at least one of her little footsteps on every square inch of Shire-land and draw all the good views she could find on paper (even the views of somewhat forbidden places), with a piece of charcoal or with quill and ink. Her drawings adorned the walls of her room in Humming Hall, until there was no empty space left. After that, lovely pictures of lovely scenes were found all over the house, which put a big smile on the faces of all its inhabitants and visitors. Herbie had taught her to play the Lute and the Drums and often they played together. Thus he passed on his love for music to his daughter. For all her curiosity and appreciation of the world around her, Herbie thought she took after her mother, more and more so. Sometimes painfully so. Lulufere, who was no dummy indeed, saw this in the eyes of her father, even if he thought that he hid it quite well. A plan formed inside her head, and it had her all excited.However un-Hobbit-like this plan was, it suited this particular lass just fine. One early morning, in the spring of her twenty-sixth year, she went on an adventure! She said goodbye to her father, grampa and gramma, saying that they needn't worry, that she would be back in a couple years' time, that she needed to experience and explore the world and in her gramma's ear she whispered that she didn't want her father to feel hurt when he looked at her, so she might as well not be around for him to do so..."

    Now, first of all, me apologies for this length of text, but i felt it rather accurately describes events that led to the present as it is. Auntie Aggie (it was so good to visit her for tea and the excerpt, she is the friendliest Hobbit i know!) has last updated this biography a few months ago, so ye can piece the puzzle-bits together and see where i stand now. Me adventure has turned out great so far and i love the freedom it entails! There is just one thing that is slightly off-perfect about it: it is a bit lonely... So when ye talked to me of this Order for Mathom finding, all sorts of things began to click in place in me head.

    For how lovely it would be to have an adventure, together with other Hobbits?! This Mathom-finding sure sounds like an adventure to me, so i think i would be quite good at it. I make pretty good drawings and i'm a star at exploring, so, putting these two things together, i figured: perhaps i could learn to be a Map-Maker, to aid ye in yer searching? Them mysterious objects must be found in specific locations, after all. A good overview of the lay of the land might provide for good clues that help in finding them. If ye already have a Map-Maker, i could make a good assistant to him or her.

    Being in the company of like-minded Hobbits, celebrating life in the Shire, making and listening to music and going on adventures together to boot, it all sounds too good to be true for little old me. But, being in a bold mood, by means of this letter, i apply for a place among ye. I hope i have given ye a good idea of who i am, why i would love to join yer Order and what i could do to contribute to yer goals. I leave it in yer hands to decide if i would fit in or not. If not, there's no hard feelings, ofcourse, as these never find soil to grow on inside me; i wish ye all the best in finding yer Mathoms and hope ye find as much joy and laughter as ye can, while on the Road doing so. But if so: YAY!!!!!!!!

    Warm and Hearty Greetings,

    Lulufere Mella Hummingoak
  3. Lina Chief

    A warm welcome to the Grand Order, miss Lulufere! Grand ter have yer with us!

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