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    *A small envelope containing the following letter arrives at the Grand Orders Hall*

    I have once again been hit with the urge to travel and see more of the lands beyond the Bounds. I have already passed on the keys to my Burrow to Bootsy who I am sure will be planning a Burrow Warming already. I shall try and keep in touch as regular as I can on my travels (the mail service in foreign parts can be a little unreliable)

    I had hoped to make good progress on the road east towards Bree but due to some appaling weather I found myself seeking shelter in The Golden Perch. Whilst there I heard a few stories about low fish stocks and disappearing Brandy barrls.

    More than one of the Bucklanders mentioned a return of the Buckland Buccaneers so keep a close eye on the river.

    I had thought of heading northwards and visiting the Dwarves so I may send back a barrel of their Ale to you all soon.

    All the best and see you all soon.
    Druda Quickfoot

    The Bucklanders managed to give a good description of the strange folk they had seen on the River

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