Overhill Otters concert, Tuesday 21 March

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Overhill Otters concert

Overhill, the pond
Confirmed Attendees: 2
Start Date: Tuesday 21 March 19:30 PM
End Date: Tuesday 21 March 20:30 PM
Time zone: Europe/London +00:00 GMT
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  1. Lina Chief


    Concert with the Overhill Otters!
    In Overhill!
    Come to Overhill!

    Date: Tuesday March 21
    Time: 7:30PM UK (3:30PM servertime, due to US Daylight Saving Time change)
    Location: Overhill, small pond.

    The spring is finally here! We feel it in the water, we feel it in the earth, and we smell it in the air. Time to step out from your burrow and take a stroll in the woods! There, you might see all kinds of critters celebrate the spring. And if your stroll takes you to Overhill, you might see how two otters celebrate the springtime with music and song.

    The Overhill Otters, Miss Pycella and Master Mermund, are planning to give a small concert in no otter place than Overhill where they both grew up. They welcome all their friends and Shire folks to join the fun around the small pond in the village centre. The Otters will play some of their favorite songs for anyone who passes by. Oh, and there will be some food and drink as well! At the same time, The Otters will celebrate their friendship and the last days of Miss Pycella's tweens – in the end of March, she will already be 33 years old!

    So, let your feet take you to Overhill on Tuesday 21st March, at 7.30 bells ((UK time)), to the small pond next to the village centre.
  2. Pycella Member

    Today, we'll have some otterly wonderful fun in Overhill! Welcome all!


    Remember to patch your hats after today's storm well in advance!
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  3. Rubellita Member

    What a lovely Otters picture, Miss Pycella! See you tonight in Overhill!
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  4. Nimelia Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Dang, naturally I forgot to log in early, and now patching is probably not going to be finished in time for the concert ... too much ore on my mind, and too little in my burrow, is what the problem is.
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  5. Potty Member


    Thank yer fer a wonderful concert, Miss Pycella and Master Mermund!

    I had a lovely time, listenin' ter yer wonderful music and lyrics!
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  6. Pycella Member

    Thank you all for coming yesterday to Overhill and sharing the fun! You were the loveliest audience! *cheers*

    Happy spring to all!
  7. Rubysue Member

    I'm glad to hear the concert went well. I had intended to pop in, at least for a bit, but sadly life had other ideas about how I should spend my time yesterday afternoon.
  8. Pycella Member

    Oh, it is a pity you couldn't join us Miss Rubysue! Maybe we otters have another concert someday in the future, so you can come too *smiles*

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