Poem - The Bullroarer Trilogy

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    Three poems in honour of the mighty Bullroarer, and the Battle of Greenfields.....

    Part 1 - The Speech

    And so he strode in front the crowd
    And standing tall, he said aloud
    "My friends, my folk, my kith, my kin"
    "The task we face is bleak and grim"
    "A darkest threat is at our door"
    "That threatens us for evermore"
    "For evil's come with spears and knives"
    "It has no care for hobbit lives"
    "These Goblins that invade the Shire"
    "Have brought with them their filth and fire"

    And on his horse, he faced the crowd
    And carried on, his voice aloud
    "I see the fear within your eyes"
    "I feel the pain, I hear your cries"
    "I know we'd rather not be here"
    "And many eyes have shed their tears"
    "I also know our hearts are stout"
    "We've lived through times of cold and drought"
    "In times of strife we stand as one"
    "Together we can overcome!"

    "So onward now", Bullroarer cried
    "To noble battle, to fight or die!"
    "Keep in your mind all you hold dear"
    "And use that hope to conquer fear"
    "For courage is a noble shield"
    "Its strength excels the swords they wield"
    "We shan't sit back, and watch the day"
    "When all we love is swept away"
    "When these green fields are green no more"
    "And so my friends, we go to war!"

    Part 2 - The Battle

    Hobbits charging down and down
    Footsteps thudding on the ground
    Forks and axes raised up high
    Hobbits crossed the fields
    Conflict getting ever near
    Louder grew the hobbit cheer
    Close the red of goblin eyes
    Hobbits braced their shields

    Loud and harsh the goblin roar
    Spears are thrust, with bloodied swords
    Air is filled with piercing sounds
    Mocking voices call
    Goblins on the left and right
    More and more they join the fight
    Pounding, stabbing all around
    Many hobbits fall

    Anguished cries then fill the air
    Hobbits start to feel despair
    Bravely they still try to fight
    Battle wears them down
    Then ahead Bullroarer cried
    A wooden club was raised up high
    Crashing like a thunder strike
    Smashing all around

    Golfimbul lay crushed and dead
    Goblins cowered, screamed and fled
    Hobbits charged once more as one
    Chasing them away
    Noble Hobbits shed their fear
    Tears soon replaced by cheers
    For the battle had been won
    Hobbits saved the day!

    Part 3 - The Lament

    These fields of green that peaceful lie
    The grass does secrets now belie
    For deep within this tender ground
    Are echoes of far distant sighs

    Where now the softest footsteps tread
    Was once a scene all soaked in red
    And calling us from long ago
    The voices of the noble dead

    We'll hear their voices on the breeze
    A faintest whisper in the trees
    Though songbirds all now dare to sing
    Where now these shadows lie at ease

    Each drop of dew reminds us well
    Each blade of grass, a tale of tell
    And flower petals give their blooms
    In memory of the ones who fell

    We'll always know what's gone before
    It happened once, pray nevermore
    They gave their lives for all our days
    And now they sleep for evermore

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