Poem - The Inn Of The Prancing Pony

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    The Inn Of The Prancing Pony
    (A tale of misadventure)

    Gather around dear friends, and I'll tell you a tale.
    Of what can befall a young hobbit, who's taken with ale.

    My story takes place in the town of Bree
    I'd gone seeking my fortune at The Prancing Pony
    Pies, puddings and fishcakes I'd taken with me
    To trade with Barliman for a reasonable fee.

    Barliman protested 'Your price is too high'
    'For fishcakes, puddings and your spectacular pies'
    'If you're agreeable, I'd like to offer instead'
    'Free drinks for the night, and a nice cosy bed'

    'That's grand' I said 'If you'll throw in a meal'
    'What respectable hobbit could ignore such a deal?'
    So he poured me a pint of his finest brew
    Then served me a bowl of steaming hot stew.

    Well the drinks kept flowing and before to long
    There I was up on a table, singing a song
    A crowd had gathered, people wanted to know
    Who was this strange hobbit performing this show?

    When I had finished, a man asked for a chat
    An odd looking fellow, with an old floppy hat
    'Your singing and dancing are impressive indeed'
    'A wager I'll set you, the stake your fine steed'

    'All you need do is to touch the ceiling'
    'Of this fine Inn, A bet that's appealling?'
    'I'll take that bet' I replied feeling brash
    'Three attempts I demand, and i'll start in a flash'

    Back up on the table I wearily stood
    Swaying from the ale, belly full of food
    This is easy I thought, as I stood tippy-toes
    Stretching my arms up, i'd failed 'Oh noes
    The crowd below they roared with laughter
    'You're too short' They called 'To reach to those rafters'
    'Not a problem' I cried, 'I'll jump up instead'
    'Though I must be careful not to bash my poor head'

    With a giant leap I reached up so high
    The watching crowd gasped, as I soared through the sky
    Alas I couldn't reach, but t'was a valiant try
    'This is impossible' I mumbled, and let out a sigh.

    For my last attempt, I needed a plan
    I wasn't losing my pony to that odd looking man
    I pondered the problem scratching my chin
    But just how do I reach the roof of this inn?

    'Of course' I exclaimed 'Everyone follow me'
    I walked out of the inn and found a suitable tree
    Up the trunk I climbed, then onto the branches
    If not for the ale, i'd never take such chances.

    I clambered onto the roof, and looked down to the floor
    'There' I cried, 'I've made it and whats more'
    'Never again shall you mock my small size'
    'Now help me back down, so I can claim my prize'

    'Closing time fine fellows' Barliman called
    People started leaving, and he bolted the doors
    So beware of to much ale, I stand here as proof
    This silly drunk hobbit, spent the night on that roof.
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    *giggles* A fine tale, Master Tallic! I hope you will tell it again tonight at the meeting.

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