Poem - The Inns Of The Shire

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    There are many fines Inns of the Shire, which have been visited many times by many Hobbits, so I really can't believe I haven't even written one poem about them all. Time to put that right!

    The Inns of The Shire

    There is an Inn in Michel Delving
    With creaky floor and crooked shelving
    Although they serve the sweetest ale
    Which hobbits drink a lot
    The sign outside says Bird and Baby
    And hobbits like to go daily
    To listen to a merry tale
    Or get their hair a-cut

    But wander down to Hobbiton
    Where there may be some goings-on
    On Ivy Bush's wooden stage
    Where hobbits act a lot
    Or maybe singers singing songs
    Which hobbits dance to all night long
    Before the Shirriff starts to rage
    And chases them all off

    And then there is the Floating Log
    Where hobbits drink amongst the frogs
    And crickets click their wings in tune
    All hiding in the fog
    A quaint and cosy place to stay
    The place to go to hide away
    And hope the sun won't shine too soon
    It never breaks the fog

    But pity folk in old Woodhall
    They do not have an Inn at all

    The Golden Perch is found in Stock
    Where minstrels do all seem to flock
    To play upon the stand outside
    Whilst others skip and hop
    With water from the Brandywine
    They say it makes their beer fine
    So toast your friends all full of pride
    But don't you spill a drop!

    And if you're up for walking far
    Up north there is the Plough and Stars
    Sat nestling on a little hill
    It's such a lovely spot
    You see there shepherds, woodmen, miners
    Some say that there's no Inn that's finer
    And Bounders like to get their fill
    For drinking is their job!

    But wait, I do forget an Inn
    The one you are all standing in!

    The one with rugs that need a clean
    The one with Dragons painted Green
    Where folk from all around The Shire
    Come Friday night to hop
    Green Dragon Inn is full of cheer
    And Barmy serves such pleasant beer
    So celebrate beside the fire
    Don't let it ever stop!
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  2. Lina Chief

    Yay fer the inns! Oh, and them poems too!
  3. Tibba Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Hooray for poets writing poems about our inns!
  4. Akelay Member

    At least the Woodhallers are mentioned... *cries a little, sniffs and goes to think about writing a songtext about the dwarven guest house in Needlehole*

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