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    My family, the Spinneys, have a long tradition of forestry and woodworking. I was my parents' first child, but my dad, Cerdic, treated me like a son; as soon as I was old enough he took me with him to learn the forestry trade. he taught me abut timber, and crafting, and how to help the woods stay healthy by careful culling. And dad was such a good teacher, I loved going with him and learning about wood and woods. So even after my brothers were old enough to go to the forest with dad, I carried on myself in the forestry trade, and started learning the higher skills of woodworking.

    But I suppose I am better known in the Shire for my singing than for my woodwork. My mum noticed I was a good singer when I was still young, and helped me to develop my voice. (She would be better known for her own singing if she hadn't devoted herself to raiising eight children). But a skilll I developed myself is songwriting: when I am out in the woods finding timber, and when I am working wood, part of my mind is occupied in drafting and polishing my verses.

    I joined the Bounders when I was still in my tweens, which fitted well with my explorations for sources of wood for crafting. But it led to a nasty injury: a rogue bear threatened to rampage through Brockenborings, and there was no-one else to deal with it, so I did my best. I defeated the bear, but my right hand and arm were badly mauled, and for some time I couldn't play any instrument. Luckily there was an elf who loved the Shire and us hobbits, and through her intervention I was able to go all the way to Rivendell, and was healed by Elrond himself!

    When I was in my late tweens I did a bit of courting. But all the hobbit lads I fancied turned out to be cousins. Dad told me that was not surprising since his granfer had been a right lad for the lasses!. So I was a bit discouraged. Mum and dad seemed so happy together I wanted the same, but where was the lad to come from? Well, he came from the woods - a hunter named Hudosuld. He is also a cousin, but a distant one. He is very shy, and for a long time he courted me by leaving little presents at my work sites. At last I caught him at it, and he overcame his shyness enough to declare his love. So we eventually got married, and we now have four children - two sets of twins, in fact - two lads and two lasses. You can imagine that kept both of us very busy when they were small! Now they are older Hudo and I take turns looking after them and following our trades.

    So you can see, I am a forester, woodworker, songsmith, minstrel and mum, which keeps me busy most of the time. And if you would like some free advice, the way to handle such a busy life is to keep a good sense of humour.

    And now I think you know more about me than do most hobbits, even those I have known for a long time, so I'll stop writing this and get back to songsmithing!
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  2. Lina Chief

    Welcome to the Order, miss Primrrose! It is grand to have yer with us!
  3. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Welcome, Miss Primrrose!
  4. Rubellita Member

    Welcome, Miss Primrrose, on behalf of my Mum Yola and myself! She remembers your songs vividly, like the one called.. Springeling ding (?) or something like that. I'd love to hear it one day and now that you are with the Order, I am sure I will!
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    Hullo Miss Primrrose!

    Welcome ter the Grand Order!
  6. Neti Member

    Welcome to the Order!
  7. Rubysue Member

    Welcome, Miss Primrrose! I've enjoyed your singing at the Green Dragon and I'm looking forward to hearing more of your works. I'm sure impressed that you say you polish up those tunes in yer head while woodworking. I don't recall thinking of much of anything else whilst doing my sawing or carving. Anyhow, mighty glad to have ya with the Grand Order!

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