Poem Put On A Smile

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    "Always look on the bright side of life", some idle fellow once sang. Here is a poem that tries to express the same sentiment

    Put on a smile

    What do I care if there's cold in the air?
    I can still have the fun I desire
    I can sing a few tunes and dance round the room
    And warm up my feet by the fire

    And if there is rain, I'll be happy again
    For the rain won't put me in a muddle
    For a childish heart always knows where to start
    And it starts by just jumping in puddles

    Or if I drop plates, and crockery breaks
    It will never put me in a mood
    I can eat off the table, as well as I'm able
    There's always delight in my food

    Now if I feel ill, I'll be happy still
    Especially if I feel quite sneezy
    "You should feed a cold", My Ma always told
    So I feed up with pies, mash and gravy

    And if I meet folk, who just rudely croak
    I just smile and I turn right away
    For folk who just moan are best left alone
    I ignore and get on with my day

    But if I'm alone, I won't sit and groan
    I can find some escape in a book
    There's always a story, of heroes and glory
    And adventures wherever I look

    For when things go bad, I can always stay glad
    I can find my own joy all the while
    So through wind and through rain, and through hurt and through pain
    It costs nothing to put on a smile
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