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    Hullo! My name is Qamellia Brandy-Took. My parents, Quinofred and Qathleen, due to the serendipity (coincidence, maybe?) of their own names, have decided to make sure all of the family have names beginning with the letter Q. Like many hobbit lasses, I was named after a flower: the camellia, but the first letter was changed. Some folks shake their heads when I tell them my name and state that I prefer they just call me Qami. Please don't ask me about my brothers. It's just, well, embarrassing.

    I was born in Brandy Hall and my folks brought me home to a nice little hole on the north side of Buck Hill. Dad is Brandybuckish, second or third cousin to Master Saradoc, while Mum is Tookish. She won't tell me exactly how that is. Maybe someday. They told me I could say I'm a Brandy-Took. I played in Brandy Hall with my cousins and other friends since I was a tiny tot. It was a wonderful place to grow up, with safety never a thought. Of course, things are different these days. I hear that Master Meriadoc and Master Frodo were here as well, but they must be considerably older than I am, for I don't remember them.

    You know, it's curious: Master Frodo's parents died in a boating accident on The River and so did my cousin Gingerbreadlass' folks. I wonder if Hobbits should avoid rivers altogether....and lakes, for that matter. Anyway, Ginger was one of the cousins I played with when we were little, but when her mum & dad were lost, she disappeared from Buckland. I was too young to ask why. Recently, I found out that she was taken to live with other relatives in Oatbarton. I told the folks that I was going west to find Ginger. I missed her so! Finally, I did find her. What joy we had in the reunion!

    I'm only 32, but my hair is nearly all grey. I am not pleased with this, but I refuse to use berry juice or anything else to change my hair color. Honestly! The vanity of some lasses appalls me. I let folks I meet wonder about my age while I size them up. Not because I am grumpy or anything, but I am wary of people (especially big folks) who might take advantage of me. Once I get to know them, I am quite friendly with them. I am learning how to be a minstrel of power and to use that in fighting evil. I have had a few mentors who taught me not only how to use music in battle, but also how to make lovely music when there is no battle. This is one way I find solace: parties! So, I practice my music and bake goodies to share with others I care about.

    Through Ginger, I found another cousin, Quinni Strudyfoot. She's one of the relatives from Oatbarton and is a lovely lass, kind and generous, but less bold than am I. She plays in the Andune Ensemble's band. Just the other day, I had the pleasure of meeting Sir Geoffroi and some other band members. It seems that they are often in other lands, so I hoped to join The Order of the Lost Mathom, since you folks are here all the time. That same day, as I was visiting Oldfurlong, I met up with Mrs. Toadflax and her daughter. What lovely folks! The same can be said of other good Hobbits I have met the last few days: Miss Acorne, Miss Dassa and Mr. Everbrock.
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  2. Lina Chief

    Welcome to the Grand Order, miss Qami! Grand to have yer with us!
  3. Simbo Bandmaster of the Songburrow Strollers

    Welcome Miss Qamellia!
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    Welcome ter the Grand Order Miss Qamellia!
  5. Rubellita Member

    Welcome, Miss Qamelia! Have a great time with us all in the Grand Order!
  6. Neti Member

    Welcome Miss Qamellia!
  7. Nimelia Voluntary Assistant Chief

    Welcome to the merry, musical, Mathom-hunting order, Miss Qamelia!
  8. Rubysue Member

    Welcome Qamelia! I hope you enjoy adventuring with the Order as much as I do!

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