Roast Sausages In Budgeford

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    Farms of The Shire – Concert II

    On the evening of Sunday 24 June some rather colourfully dressed hobbits began to arrive in Budgeford. Amid the usually muddy fields, pigpens, chicken runs and barns this was a most unusual sight! But something special was about to happen – the Songburrow Strollers had been invited to play at Milo Bolger's Farm. The night began under a clear sky, the gentlest of breezes wafting the smoke from campfires and roasting sausages across the whole village and soon a great crowd had gathered.

    Miss Lina Willowwood warmed thing up with a lively jig while the assembled hobbits danced, gossiped, ate, drank and danced some more. Soon word got around that the Songburrow Strollers were ready to play and all eyes were on Milo Bolger's round blue door. What a surprise it was when the Strollers appeared on the roof and launched a dozen sparkling candy-fizzers high into the air – a signal that the concert was about to begin.

    The Strollers began a set of more than a dozen songs, with some old favourites as well as some specially composed pieces that caused quite a stir and more than a raised eyebrow when they began the lively and comical 'Milo's Leather Breeches'. The hobbits were well behaved and the concert hadn't gone unnoticed by a few big folk and traveling dwarves who soon joined in the dancing and were very amiable towards the locals. The band encouraged everyone to join in when they launched into their celebration of Midsummer with a song and a carefully arranged piece of music. The hobbits that had gathered took this as a sign to dance and there were many that whirled about in the most lively way much to the amusement of everyone present.

    As the warm light of dawn cast its golden rays across the farmyard the Strollers called forth two surprise guests to help them with the last few songs – Miss Bootsy Frogfurlong (herself a past member of the Strollers) and Miss Lully (fresh from her success at Weatherstock). After the cries and shouts had died down the somewhat expanded Songburrow Strollers didn't disappoint the crowd and gave an energetic rendition of their final two songs of the evening.

    As has become a tradition on these nights a good number of fireworks had been held back until the end and the dawn sky was painted with varied colours as the band members launched a cascade of rockets, snap-dragons and candy-fizzers. Everyone wished each other a happy Midsummer and drank more than one to toast in honour of those present and to Milo Bolger, who they all agreed had been the most gracious of hosts.

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    Hooray fer a grand night in Budgeford! A jolly crowd, lively pigs and lovely sausages!

    Miss Rubellita has written up a report in the Bramblebury Gazette
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